Marriage equality: Bush speaks & Senate debates

President Bush is scheduled to participate in a press conference in the White House Rose Garden today in which he will voice his opposition to LGBT families and call for the passage of an anti-LGBT marriage amendment in the Senate. According to News, the President is expected to surrounded by supporters of such a move, many of them evangelical, right-wing religious leaders.

The Senate will begin debate on the amendment at 2pm today. You can catch live coverage of the debate on CSPAN-2. Check their TV schedule for more details.

We all know this thing is going to fail. The radical right is doing nothing but pushing an agenda of hate, fear and bigotry. I find it disgusting that the good number of people supporting this discriminatory move are so-called “Christians.”

We all know the Republicans have a tough battle for these upcoming mid-term elections. They need hot-button social issues if they want even the smallest chance of winning or keeping what they already have.

What ever happened to sticking to the issues… like healthcare, terrorism, national security, education, etc. etc.?

3 Responses to “Marriage equality: Bush speaks & Senate debates”
  1. Natasha Sell says:

    Ok, now my head hurts after reading this. First of all, why does he have to go and have a press conference to let the senate know how he feels? They already know how he feels, they don’t need a reminder. Stop wasting peoples time! Second, doesn’t he realize that this is an issue better left to the states, and that when this country has tried to pass a sweeping ban of anything in the past it has failed? I mean, we see what happened with prohibition. Even if an LGBT amendment was passed, eventually it would be overturned. So why bother? Will the sensible Republicans who read the constitution and know its history please stand up!! I know I’m not the only one. Regardless of how I feel about LGBT in general, at least I’m smart enough to know that an amendment would be stupid-yes, i said it-stupid!

  2. Samantha says:

    well said Natasha, I am ashamed of my President and Washington for wasting their time with such a discriminatory amendment, shame on him and those who support this amendment.

  3. Matt says:

    Senator Arlen Specter (R-Penn.), Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee said it best during debate today: “Those who support this amendment should look to their churches and faith institutions to protect the sanctity of marriage, not the Congress or government.”

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