Some in gay right upset with national gay groups

An interesting post is up over at Gay Patriot… a blog community site made up mostly by LGBT Republicans and conservatives. It seems as though some in the LGBT Right are upset with the national LGBT groups over some of their actions and words in the recent marriage equality debate.

Here is a snippet:

If the past few weeks are any indication, it doesn’t appear advocacy of gay issues is one of the primary purposes of the national gay groups. Their primary purposes seem to be discrediting the Bush Administration and repeating (and so reinforcing) the far-left’s articles of faith, one of which is belief in the malevolence of the Vice President of the United States. Showing Dick Cheney as something other than the Dark Prince of leftists’ twisted imaginations might distance gay groups from left-wing dogma.

They seem more interested in pleasing the far left than in promoting a positive of gay people. They just don’t seem interested in making the strongest possible case against the so-called Marriage Protection Amendment.

The failure of these groups to acknowledge conservatives, even when it can help their case, shows that they really see themselves as little more than gay chapters of a broader left-wing movement. Something we hope the next leader of Log Cabin bears in mind when he (or she) takes office this fall.

Head on over to Gay Patriot to read the rest. While I might not totally agree with them, it is a good post and it does make some great points. Anything that creates discussion and dialogue is fine by me.

2 Responses to “Some in gay right upset with national gay groups”
  1. Thanks for the link — and acknowledging the soundness of my points (at least some of them).

  2. Matt says:

    Your welcome Dan… you did make good points and I find myself getting upset over some of what the national groups are doing too.

    I really do think the national groups need to try and refocus… especially on the local areas and states… that is where the big battles are now being fought and won.

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