More Governor’s School gay-baiting

Governors School logoIt’s that time of year! Summer is here and with summer comes the sessions of the North Carolina Governor’s School. Following closely behind are the anti-gay parents and activists decrying what they see as the School’s “promotion” of “gay doctrine.” Some poor parents think the Governor’s School is turning their precious, little kids gay.

If that isn’t a bunch on silly non-sense, I don’t know what is.

Paul Chesser, a writer for the Carolina Journal and an employee of the John Locke Foundation (who, believe it or not, isn’t as biased in his articles or as horrible as some people might like to portray him) has a new column (Hat Tip: Anglico at condemning the Governor’s School for a showing of the movie “American History X.” It seems as though some parents are afraid the movie (which includes a prison rape scene) will influence the sexuality of their teens.

Many of you may remember the larger than life story last year surrounding the Governor’s School and a seminar on a book entitled “The New Gay Teenager.” Later, that controversy morphed into a larger one when the teacher in charge of the seminar was accused of sexual misconduct with a student at her Winston-Salem high school. (See related posts/blog searches: “Governor’s School” & “Susan Wiseman“, as well as the original posts: “Concerned Mom: ‘Governor’s School turned my son gay’” and “Anti-gay parent bashes NC Governor’s School gay-friendly seminar“).

I’ve been keeping up with the conversation on this latest hype over at, although I did have to issue a couple of corrections on some things. Where I first thought that the current hype and the “anonymous mommy” were connected to Beverly (not “Elizabeth” as I first stated) Burrows, it turns out that “anonymous mommy” does seem to be another parent.

I just think it is both ridiculous and extremely simple-minded to think that a movie or some seminar about a book is going to turn a teenager gay. If a teen turns out to be gay it isn’t because they saw some movie or heard someone talk about a book dealing (very academically, mind you) with LGBT teen issues. Sexuality isn’t something that can be influenced and changed with a simple showing of a movie or reading of a book.

These parents need to stop trying to look for someone to blame for what they are obviously in denial over. It is time for them to get over the fact that their kids might just be gay. A movie didn’t cause it, a book didn’t cause it and an academic seminar surely didn’t cause it either.

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  1. Sarah says:

    This caught my eye because i had two of my good friends that went to Governor’s School that did in fact come back having decided they were gay.

    i, however, do not think that Governor’s School MAKES people gay. i’ve never been there myself, but from what i hear, it’s one of those things that shows the people that go there possibilities that they may not have considered at home or in school, and i don’t see how that could possibly be a bad thing.

    Plus, some parents are just dumb.

  2. Matt says:

    On that same particular topic, of people maybe seeing things they haven’t seen before… this comment was made over at

    I went to Governor’s school a few years ago (ok, more than just a few) and thoroughly enjoyed my time and the exposure to bright students from all over the state. I have also seen and enjoyed American History X. It is nauseating at points, but a movie about skinheads should be. This movie is the perfect type of experience for GS students: something that lets them see a portion of life they may not normally see (but every one of them has seen racism in some form) and for them to consider racsim and forgiveness.

    Also, does it make sense that a person could spend 15 to 17 years at home, go away to GS for six weeks, see a movie and maybe even hear a lecture, and this person now has a new sexual identity? Maybe, Mom, Junior was gay all along but finally got the courage to let you in on it.

    At least he’s not a violent skinhead, though. Right?

    This commenter, and Gov School alum, has an awesome point. Gov School isn’t making people gay. Maybe these kids are just finding the courage to come out while they are being given the opportunity to get away from the right-wing, nut-case mommies and daddies for a summer.

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