New from DailyKos: Brad Miller speaks

Representative Brad Miller (D-NC) has a new post up over at DailyKos.

The Congressman’s post, entitled “Put your money where your keyboard is,” reminds everyone of this Friday’s 2nd quarter campaign finance reporting deadline and how important it will be for many Democrats currently hoping to win office (I know how it important it is, too. I’ve been doing paperwork for the NC Advocacy Coalition all day, lol).

Trot on over to DailyKos and check it out (and don’t get upset with Representative Miller’s self-advertisement… he needs every bit of help he can get to squelch the hateful, over the top messages of Vernon Robinson, lol).

Oh… and another thing: Why don’t you take a second to thank Representative Miller for all of the wonderful support he has offered to the LGBT community (preferably in the form of a campaign contribution, but he’ll take a nice thank you note too, lol). He really has done a lot and it wouldn’t hurt to give him his “props” (or so my straight guy friends would say, lol).

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