Ousting the NC GOP

Here is Amy Kingsley’s awesome article on the NC Democratic Convention… by the way, the group of UNCG students, that was us… and the gay comment, that was both me and my friend, lol:

Democratic Convention attempts to oust GOP
Amy Kingsley
YES Weekly, June 28, 2006

Staff writerOutside the High Point Theater on Saturday a group of UNCG students dressed like throwbacks from a half-century ago — jackets, ties and loafers — assessed the recently adjourned NC Democratic Convention.

“Boring,” said one.

“I wish they had talked more about gay and lesbian issues,” another chimed.

They were not words one usually associates with revolution. But this year a counterrevolution to end 12 years of Republican congressional control is exactly what convention organizers have planned. The High Point Theater on Saturday was a sea of giddy delegates, several of whom dressed for the occasion in red, white and blue. Almost all of them advertised their dissatisfaction with the current administration in shiny buttons, stickers or T-shirts.

North Carolina Democrats, like their brethren across the country, have approached President Bush’s record-low approval ratings as an opportunity to gain seats in the US Congress and strengthen control of the NC General Assembly. But instead of flogging weariness with the Iraq war and increasing distrust of the executive branch, the party is dusting off an old playbook.

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