NC Advocacy Coalition announces new contribution levels

This from… well, me (in my NCAC hat, lol):

NCAC announces new Donor & Sponsor levels; calls for community support for equality
The North Carolina Advocacy Coalition, July 9, 2006

It is with great pleasure that I have the honor to announce the NC Advocacy Coalition’s new Donor and Sponsor levels.

NCAC’s new contribution levels are:

  • Director’s Circle – $400 or more
  • North Carolina Advocates – $200-$399
  • Partners in Equality – $50-$199

Donations and Sponsorships are also welcome as Grassroots Advocates and Coalition Members, ranging from $5-$49, and at these levels:

  • Community Member (18 & up): $20.00
  • Couples (18 & up): $30.00
  • Students (18 & up): $10.00
  • Students (14 – 17): $5.00

The work of the NC Advocacy Coalition depends entirely on the community’s support and commitment to equality for all LGBT North Carolinians. With your help, the NC Advocacy Coalition (working with groups such as EqualityNC, the Triad Equality Alliance and other LGBT/allied groups) will be able to create more positive change and build up a larger and more progressive voting bloc of LGBT and straight allied youth aged 18 to 24.

You can show your commitment and support as a Donor and Sponsor by contributing ONLINE and becoming a member TODAY.

Help us to help you today! As we continue on our plans to implement our Grassroots Regional Organizing Campaign and to reach out to younger, more progressive voters any and all support is greatly appreciated.

Our Grassroots Regional Organizing Campaign will reach out to the areas of North Carolina where LGBT activism and advocacy is sparse and inactive. Our outreach to youth aged 18 to 24 will help to make the American demographic least likely to vote more educated and motivated on issues of LGBT equality and politics. Our plans and goals are big, but we can’t do it without your help.

That is why your support, sponsorship and membership is so important!

On behalf of the Interim Board of Directors and NCAC’s Executive staff, I thank you, the larger community and our current Donors and Supporters for the valuable support we have received so far. We must also thank the various media agencies, reporters and, yes, the bloggers who have also helped to raise awareness of our new group.

With Pride and Optimism for the future of North Carolina,

Matt Hill Comer
Executive Director/Co-Founder
The North Carolina Advocacy Coalition

PS – Remember… Equality for LGBT North Carolinians will not come without hard work and the support of the community. Consider becoming a NCAC Donor and Sponsor today!

2 Responses to “NC Advocacy Coalition announces new contribution levels”
  1. Lizzy says:


    Glad to read your blog and I admire your words for the LGBT Community. Although I am married to a man, I support your cause 100 percent.

    Equal Rights for All. And I am embarassed to tell you that I am from New York, after the fiasco this past week.

  2. Matt says:

    Thanks so much for your kind words Lizzy. The NY ruling was quite sad (I have loosely compared it to a Dred Scott-type decision).

    If you have any friends in North Carolina or know anyone here… be sure to send them to NCAC’s website!

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