NC Advocacy Coalition calls for formal apology from Kindley and Guilford GOP

Update, 7/11/2006, 10:35pm: Text of NCAC’s official letter to Marcus Kindley

From the NC Advocacy Coalition, in relation to previous post, “Guilford GOP Chair: Being gay ‘as natural as pedophilia’”:

July 11, 2006
Matt Hill Comer, Executive Director
North Carolina Advocacy Coalition (NCAC)

Guilford County, NC, GOP Chair compares gays to pedophiles
Gay & lesbian PAC requests formal apology and retraction of anti-gay remarks

Greensboro, NC – The North Carolina Advocacy Coalition (NCAC), a section 527 state and local political action committee focused on local and grassroots advocacy and activism on lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) issues, has formally condemned the derogatory, anti-gay remarks made by Marcus Kindley comparing homosexuality to pedophilia and is requesting a formal apology and retraction from Kindley and the Guilford County Republican Party.

On Monday, July 10, 2006, Marcus Kindley posted an entry on his blog site, The Chairman’s Corner (which is linked from the website of the Guilford County Republican Party website) in which he stated homosexuality is “as natural as pedophilia.”

Kindley also stated that scientific and psychological research regarding homosexuality is nothing more than propaganda used to “justify” the “actions” of homosexuals.

NCAC firmly believes that such derogatory, anti-gay remarks are harmful and dangerous to LGBT North Carolinians. Kindley’s remarks are also perfect examples of political scare tactics playing on the fears of parents and larger society.

“Chairman Kindley’s remarks represent a harmful form of anti-gay prejudice and ignorance surrounding issues of sexuality, mental health and the law,” stated NCAC Executive Director Matt Hill Comer, “These remarks degrade peaceful, law-abiding and community-minded LGBT North Carolinians by comparing them to mentally ill individuals responsible for the mental, physical and sexual abuse and exploitation of children, the most vulnerable and precious members of our society.”

NCAC is requesting an immediate, formal apology from Guilford County Republican Party and its Chairman Marcus Kindley and a retraction of his derogatory, anti-gay remarks. As the leader of a political party and institution Chairman Kindley should be held to a higher standard and expectation of civility, courtesy and respect toward all citizens and members of society.

Kindley’s blog and full posted entry containing the derogatory, anti-gay remarks can be found online at:

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12 Responses to “NC Advocacy Coalition calls for formal apology from Kindley and Guilford GOP”
  1. Today I listened to Edmund White, a famous Gay writer, on Fresh Air. He has an autobiograpghy about his life. He talked about lusting over older men as a 14 year old and his seeking professional counselling at the time to change his sexuality. How did he know he was gay? He lusted after men.

    There it is. According to White and many enlightened, educated people, our sexuality is defined by our desire. And according to White and others, a person is not being true to himself unless they obey their sexual desires. So why is it wrong to compare or conflate gay sex with pedophilia? Or beastiality? If there is not any other method of determining one’s sexuality, then a man who desires sex with a dog or a child has no more choice of his sexuality than a gay person does. (Fortunately, most civilized countries condemn pedophilia and – at the very least-look down on beastiality.)

  2. Matt says:

    Alright then Chip… being straight is the same thing as being a pedophile, too… at least by your standards.

    Do you not see the difference between what two, consenting adults do and what another person forces another person, a child or an animal to do against their will? If you can’t see the difference between being gay and being a pedophile then I really can’t help you.

  3. There can be consent in pedophilia and beastiality- age has nothing to do with it. You are saying it is unfair to compare these things. How are they different- aside from legality? I am saying that it is sinful to have gay sex, just as it is to have any sex outside of marraige.

  4. Matt says:

    No… there can NEVER be consent in the sexual abuse of a child or an animal. I don’t know where you got that but you are wrong. I child cannot give consent in having sex.

  5. Semantics. Edmund White wanted to have sex with older men when he was 14- if he did it was consentual- though illegal. Legality is not the issue.

  6. Matt says:

    Okay… so that is 14… What about 6, 7, 8 or 9? A child cannot give consent…. Also… a 14 year old may want to have sex with an older person but that doesn’t mean that the teen’s consent is based upon a mature and sound sexual, mental or physical intelligence. There is a reason why pedophilia and sex with children is illegal and there is a reason why we have age of consent laws.

  7. I agree- and there is good reason to view consentual gay sex as abnormal behavior.

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