Standing up for right: Marcus Kindley’s lies hurt the community

Since breaking the story yesterday of Guilford’s GOP Chairman Marcus Kindely’s harmful, false and anti-gay comments comparing LGBT people to pedophiles (see first post, second post & official press release from NCAC), I’ve received just a few comments (although be it a minority) from folks in the local “blogosphere.” Some of their comments relate the same message: They’ve given up on debating Marcus Kindley.

I haven’t given up and I won’t. His comments are false… they are lies about a certain portion of our community. Lies which, in the long run, serve to only instill fear in the hearts of society, mainly with parents. They are derogatory statements with the intent to make people fear LGBT people (and mainly gay men) by linking them to pedophilia and the repulsive and perverted abuse and exploitation of children.

Fifty to one hundred years ago, conservatives told a similar lie… A lie about another group of people… A lie connecting that group with abuse and exploitation. That group, of course, was African-American men. Conservatives said that black men would rape “your white women.” The lie, although about different groups of people, serves the same interest: The promotion of fear, prejudice and intolerance of the minority.

The false, derogatory and prejudiced views and opinions which Marcus Kindley and other conservatives so openly and unapologetically proclaim in our community must be met with the truth. If no one speaks up then Kindley and others are, in effect, given a free ticket to say whatever, whenever in order to cause harm and stigmatization upon minority groups.

Kindley and the entire Guilford and North Carolina Republican Party needs to know that society will no longer tolerate discrimination, hate and prejudice.

By the way… why don’t you just take a look at the anti-gay, prejudiced words of the NC Republican Party Platform:

We believe homosexual behavior is not normal and should not be taught as an acceptable “alternative” lifestyle either in public education or in public policy. We do not believe public schools should be used to teach children that homosexual behavior is normal. We do not believe that taxpayers should fund benefit plans for unmarried partners. We oppose special treatment by law based on homosexual behavior or identity. We support federal and state constitutional amendments to ensure that marriage is limited to the union of one man and one woman. We oppose attempts to legitimize homosexual relationships by placing such relationships on an equal footing with marriage. We oppose the adoption or foster parenting of children by same sex couples. (Article I, Sec. 3)

America’s defense must be second to none. We oppose any attempt to weaken our national defense. We support efforts to: (1) restore the ban against known homosexuals in the military… (Article X, Sec. 4)

Ironically, the very next section after the Platform’s Article I, Section 3 states: “Government cannot legislate love and compassion and should not preempt parental responsibility for children…” Yeah right. I guess that is why they try to legislate homosexuality as illegal and prevent LGBT parents from having or keeping their own children and adopting others.

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10 Responses to “Standing up for right: Marcus Kindley’s lies hurt the community”
  1. Fec Stench says:

    Our posts today are highly similar, though yours is more of strategy and mine is more of tactics. Vive le Revolution!

  2. Matt says:

    I noticed Fec. I saw your post and I was like “Oh no he didn’t… Oh yes he did.” See… I wouldn’t get away with anything like you’ve done.

  3. Fec Stench says:

    I don’t understand. You are one of the most courageous people I know. Have I been foolish?

  4. It is simply wrong to compare sexual behavior with a person’s race. Where is Kindley lying? Consentual gay sex is normal? By what standard? The Bible? Ouch- the Bible backs up Kindley. Biology? Ouch- biology is on Kindley’s side.

    And I agree with Fecund- you are far more courageous than most of us- especially Stench.

  5. PotatoStew says:

    Chip, in what way is biology on Kindley’s side? Homosexuality occurs in other animal species, and it certainly does occur in humans, so in what sense is it not biologically “normal”? Perhaps you should define “biologically normal” for us.

  6. Fec Stench says:

    Chip, now that I think about it, you’re pretty courageous, too.

    Holding up your side can’t be easy and you’re doing as well as can be expected.

  7. Matt says:

    I have no idea why you all are calling me “courageous.” I’m simply standing up to offer the other side, the right and honest side of what Mr. Kindley is saying.

  8. Matt – you believe in justice. We disagree alot, but you are as honest and vulnerable as the day is long. You take on Giants and engage with the best of them. You don’t have to do this. People like you become real leaders.

    Potato Stew- from a purely biological sense, there is no biological reason for gay sex. In a human sense, there are many reasons for gay sex.

  9. PotatoStew says:


    From a purely biological sense, there is no biological reason for hockey. Does that mean “biology would be on Kindley’s side” if he said we shouldn’t play hockey?

    Your statement makes no sense. What do you mean by “biological reason”? And once you define that, what logic do you use to draw the conclusion that an action with no biological reason should not be performed?

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