I don’t understand… could someone explain

I do not understand why folks think that Lawrence v. Texas (which struck down sodomy laws) might eventually lead to the legalization of pedophilia and sex with children.

Do people really not know the difference between sex between consenting adults and sex with a minor (i.e./a.k.a. rape, child abuse & exploitation, child MOLESTATION)???

It just makes me sick to the stomach thinking of how people could hurt and abuse kids like that… and it upsets me when people start using gay people and the strives we have made in our rights to say that what we have done in order to live our lives peacefully and legally will somehow make it possible for sick, perverted pedophiles to harm children legally.

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  1. Joseph Arrington says:

    The general theory in practice here is to stop the barbarians (gays) at the gate. If you’ll notice historically (and a reference that you have made yourself) that the closer any group gets to finally being recognized as equal, the arguments against such recognition get proportionally biased, inane, and unfounded. It’s called a scare tactic.

    Women were once considered too inferior to men, too soft, delicate, and unintelligent to have their pretty little heads bothered with such important things as voting, managing property, and handling their own legal affairs.

    As a result they were treated with indignity at the mere assertion that they were in fact equal to men, and it took many years to finally bring together enough women courageous enough to fight against the beliefs of their male counterparts.

    All the while in the political arena male supporters of the Women’s Suffrage Movement were classified as weak, gay, un-manly, and degraded into silence. During which the government raided and pillaged a nation blinded by this issue.

    And today we look back and can’t believe this could have been our ancestry. Women were given their independence and legal equality, even if to this day it’s still not a guarantee. They received the entitlement to equality, and that is the more important result.

    Our ancestors then refocused, a new fight began, and a new issue blinded the nation. And as the war raged on in our nation and the court room, “Separate, but Equal” became the new language to signal who was in, or out, of the old boys club.

    As the Jim Crow laws were struck down, one generation divided and another joined together. And we witnessed the fist inklings of a nation unified as one strong voice, and they lashed out and swore it was dooms day, that “they will rape YOUR women and daughters,” and that the nation will come unraveled, time will stop, the sky will fall, and the universe will come to an end as we know it.

    How many years had passed, and yet the argument was still directed toward men, the emphasis was to protect your property, YOUR women?

    And today we look back and can’t believe this could have been our ancestry. The thought of looking upon someone as being so base and inhuman seems so alien to us, that we deny that could have ever happened.

    What really happened is that the world changed, it did not end, life moved on, and they refocused.

    The pattern continues through time. Study of any group in history that waged a battle against it’s own nation will result in the same conclusions. The struggle to overcome injustice is often used to divert attention from the devastating choices of our leaders.

    It is the scalpel that divides a nation, demands their attention, and serves as a smoke screen for the most vile and detestable acts of immorality and greed. And it makes a nation the ex post facto witnesses of our own decay.

    Whenever or whatever someone is incapable, or unwilling, to understand or accept, one then selects the members of its group to lash out against. And the whole time the government laughs and does as it pleases.

    Only now with infinite avenues of reporting and commentary, the world is more misinformed and misguided than ever before. Our efforts to understand one event sever our interest and knowledge of it’s collateral damage.

    And now the event is becoming a two part win. The Gay Rights Movement is less compelling than any other historical movement. Our treatment is unfair, and it’s not right, we all know that. But think about it for a second, honestly, conceptually, and without your own biases.

    Who are we to complain? Who are we to contend with? What is our importance in the world?

    We ourselves cannot join together to form a single opinion, a single mantra, a single leader, a single voice. How are we to be heard if we are not in unison?

    We ourselves have more disposable income, on average, than most any other group. Which works to lessen our argument of oppression, regardless of it’s truth and validity.

    We ourselves are not proactive in our own defense, quietly living in denial or servitude to our own bondage. Having given the masters our service freely, and of our own will.

    We ourselves engage in behaviors, and gladly claim them, that make our plight unimportant and impossible to sympathize with. Many of our own actions help to make us an unpalatable group to support.

    We ourselves are overindulgent, narcissistic, passive, and reactive in our lives. Our image in the media is at best laughable, at worst impossible to relate to. We do not make the effort to save ourselves; we merely react when it’s either too late, or nearly so.

    And we loose, we loose over and over again. We contribute to our own image of weakness, without even being considered the beloved underdog; our losses don’t even serve to bolster our support.

    Our losses do succeed in reaffirmation of the beliefs of our opposition; they add support to their cause. We have already waged half their battle, by ensuring our own self defeat, and their numbers and legions grow, and become more vicious every day.

    We are not one. We are not whole. We have no voice. And yet we whine.

    We are not together, we are not trying, we are not working, and yet we whine. We do not listen, we do not see, we do not teach, and yet we whine. We are being abused, we are being used, we are abusing, and we are using, and yet we whine. We over value beauty, wealth, and fame, and yet we whine. We deny our selves our freedom, our rights, our future, and yet we whine.

    It is time for the whining to stop; it’s time for the fighting to begin. We must save ourselves before we are slowly stripped of our rights, before there are none left to take.

    Many of you will read this, and many of you will disagree. If I’m lucky some of you may go so far as to forward it, but you will not join, you will not listen, you will not see. You will not fight, defend, and save yourself.

    You will assume someone else will solve the problem; you will go back to promoting your own self defeat. And when its all over you will realize, you will see. You will regret.

    Strength is in numbers, we need them, we must find them, convince them, wake them, and propel them into action. Now, before it’s too late. But will you understand? Do you want to fight?

    When you do, will the war be over? Will there be nothing left to save?

    In the words of one great leader, of one great man, of one person who undeniably knew the importance of battles won and lost, I end with this.

    “Victory at all costs, victory in spite of all terror, . . . for without victory there is no survival.”
    –Winston Churchill
    House of Commons
    May 13, 1940

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