A rant to those who say the ‘gay agenda’ will legalize pedophilia

Ok… I’ve been cool for days now. But this has gone absolutely too far. I’m pi$$ed and I don’t care.

Here’s the rant I left on Ed’s blog in response to comments implying the aims of the Gay Rights Movement (specifically the result of Lawrence v. Texas) would make room for the legalization of pedophilia:

Out society will never change so much as to allow pedophiles open access to abuse and exploit children. I think we honor and protect our children too much for that, don’t you?

Alright I’m pi$$ed… I admit it… so here’s my rant:

As a victim of child abuse myself (many people know this about me and I’m not afraid to admit it), I would fight to the death in order to keep pedophilia from being legalized.

Child sexual, physical and mental abuse is THE MOST IMMORAL CRIME IN HUMAN EXISTANCE. It causes so much pain and hurt… pain and hurt that may be with the child for life, sometimes completely destroying a person’s life until death. Maybe I’m going off a cliff here (especially to people way to the left, which I’m not), but it is my personal opinion that people who are proven child molesters, pedophiles and sexual predators should be locked up and kept away from society indefinitely. Hey… chemical castration… that’s just fine by me too.

The legalization of actions between two consenting adults will never be able to justify or legalize the abuse of children. I can’t understand anyone who would argue that the actions of two adults could somehow lead to the legalization of pedophilia. It’s beyond my comprehension how anybody could think that. I also think that saying things like that does nothing but empower the pedophiles.

Instead of going around in circles to keep pedophilia illegal by putting down gay people… why don’t you take a more direct route and work directly on keeping pedophilia illegal?

6 Responses to “A rant to those who say the ‘gay agenda’ will legalize pedophilia”
  1. Fec Stench says:

    Watching you and Ed Cone slice and dice is a beautiful thing.

  2. Matt says:

    Gosh.. I’m so ticked off right now Fec. I’m mad because of the stuff on Ed’s blog… now add in the stuff at the Chairman’s. Have you seen any of that horrible stuff Mr. Anonymous is saying? Not only is he/she attacking the Chairman, he/she called me an “ignorant slut,” LOL, just because I said we should use civil langauge.

  3. Fec Stench says:

    Yeah, I just checked The Chairman’s Corner – trollville.

    Unfortunately, I suspect the sophistry of Guarino is rather rare.

    More likely, a Guilford GOPer is proud to be against homosexuals.

  4. Matt Hill Comer says:

    This is a test message by Matt for the new spam moderation plugin.

  5. I am sorry to learn you were abused as a child. It is devestating.

  6. Matt says:

    You are right. It is horrible. What is also horrible (although no where near as much) are people who would compare peaceful, law-abiding and community-involved members of our society to sick and perverted, pedophillic criminals.

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