Republican Marriage Hypocrisy

A Democratic House member who voted yes to the Marriage Protection Amendment but blasted the House for wasting its time is now coming under fire from House Republicans for comments he made about divorce and adultery.

Representative Lincoln Davis (D-TN) is getting demands for apologies for remarks he made saying that if the House really wanted to protect marriage, families and children then they should outlaw divorce and adultery.

It seems as though the House Republicans don’t like that idea. They’d much rather keep their 50% divorce rate and their cheat-on-their-wives (and husbands) nature and just attack the gay people.

Yeah… Like we are the real threat to marriage. Let me ask a question. How can gay people be threatening marriage if the grand majority of us (all those not in Mass.) can’t even get married? Isn’t there more damage being done by ya’ll let’s get married for 30 hours, then divorce straight couples (i.e. Britney Spears)?

Now Republicans… you can’t have it both ways. Either you want to protect marriage and families or you don’t. Which one is it?

Also…. Here is a re-cap of the votes for the Marriage Protection Amendment on July 18th.

Ultimately, as we should all know by now, the amendment failed to get the required 2/3 majority in order to pass. The final vote though was still scary. Click the Picture to enlarge (snapshot of GovTrack site)

House Marriage Vote Roll CLICK TO ENLARGE

And here is your break down of the North Carolina Congressional Delegation:

Nay – NC-01 – George Butterfield (D)
Aye – NC-02 – Bob Etheridge (D)
Aye – NC-03 – Walter Jones (R)
Nay – NC-04 – David Price (D)
Aye – NC-05 – Virginia Foxx (R)
Aye – NC-06 – Howard Coble (R)
Aye – NC-07 – Mike McIntyre (D)
Aye – NC-08 – Robert Hayes (R)
Aye – NC-09 – Sue Myrick (R)
Aye – NC-10 – Patrick McHenry (R)
Aye – NC-11 – Charles Taylor (R)
Nay – NC-12 – Mel Watt (D)
Nay – NC-13 – Brad Miller (D)

If you just feel like talking to any of these folks about how they voted, the North Carolina Pediatric Society (wierd place for it, but yay Google search) offers a nice, tidy page with each of our Congressional members’ contact information including phone numbers, addresses and websites.

But what really concerns me are the votes of Reps. Etheridge and McIntyre. As Democrats they should know better. All of the Congressional Rep’s who voted for discrimination should be ashamed and booted out of office, including the Democratic ones. When it comes down to discrimination and anti-LGBT prejudice in Government I don’t care what party you are.

4 Responses to “Republican Marriage Hypocrisy”
  1. Ryan says:

    “As Democrats they should know better” – ?

    That’s right, because Democrats shouldn’t think for themselves, that’s what the party is all about.

  2. Natasha Sell says:

    I have to agree with the politician on this one, but coming from the standpoint that so many people are getting divorces because their easy. People go into marriage nowadays knowing that they can get divorced, and that it’s easier to get remarried than it used to be. All you have to do is checked the boxes marked “fraud” or “irreconciable differences” which is just a way of saying “I’m lazy and don’t want to work on my marriage. I guarantee you that if divorces were harder to get the heterosexual community would not be so “loose” when it comes to marriage. Marriages should only be dissolved if someone cheats, bottom line.

  3. Matt,

    I agree with you that easy no fault divorce laws (and the high divorce rate), and the absence of any meaty statutes which deal with adultery (especially as regards divorce settlements), are a bigger threat to the institution of marriage than homosexual marriage, though the latter, in my mind, would add huge insult to grave injury, so to speak. But I ask you this. What if some of conservative folk tried to change laws regarding divorce? Do you think that we’d be supported? I know in church circles folks with a conservative take on marriage/divorce/remarriage pretty much take a beating from the more “progressive” or “liberal” folk. Anyway, the battle to “outlaw” adultery and divorce is long lost. I mean, we may as well try to outlaw sex outside of marriage. Fat chance of that. So, in a way it is not hypocricy to concede a battle lost, and not concede a battle not yet lost. The REAL hypocricy is less in laws than in practice – conservatives fignting for traditional marriage yet marrying/divorcing/marrying/divorcing like everyone else.


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