New GOP quotes added

GOPI’ve added two new quotes to the Gay Objectors’ Party (GOP) page on my site. The quotes section on the GOP page features both positive and negative remarks made by GOP leaders and groups.

The two new quotes consist of one positive and one negative. One is from the Triangle Log Cabin Republicans and the other is from Kentucky State Senator Rick Roeding.

The point of showing these quotes is to show both the horrible and outlandish prejudice and hate of the members of the Republican Party, while at the same time showing the positive, fair-minded efforts of those Republican Party members and groups who are working for equality and standing up for what is right.

I’ve said it many times… not everyone in the GOP is prejudiced and discriminatory (as the quotes clearly show), but it will take those non-prejudiced and non-discriminatory folks already working for change finding new voices to join the choir in order for any change to ever take place.

If anybody has any good quotes (a.k.a. “sound-bytes”) from Republican leaders, members or groups, be sure to send them to me.

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