How they justified slavery?

The Bible, says Stedman, takes “precedence” over human rights. By licensing Privitera, the bishop “changed basically 2,000 years of Christian practice.”

Stedman’s opposition to Privitera ministering to a congregation has nothing to do with her personally, says Stedman. “I can accept a gay person as a pastor as long as they are not married.” (source)

Really, though… I wonder if this is how the Christians used our religion and our God to justify the bondage of other human beings?

I think the answer is… dum dum dum… Yes. These radical, backward Christians railing against the rights of gay people are in the same boat as the Christians who used the Bible to justify slavery, to justify the mistreatment, malignment and mass murder of Jews (who supposedly were “responsible” for the death of Christ – I always that it was because God had planned it that way), to justify the legal and societal subjugation of women and to justify the denial of marriage between people of different races.

The Bible takes “precedence” over human rights? Yeah… and I’m a straight, Republican, Christian Homobigot, too.

But… oh well… let’s get the chains and slave ships back out folks. Since the Bible condones slavery and, evidentally, the Bible trumps human rights, it’ll be alright.

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  1. If someone doesn’t think that the Bible condones slavery, then they just haven’t read the Bible. Consult Exodus 21 or Deuteronomy 15 for an Old Testament reference, or Ephesians 6 for a New Testament reference. The Bible gives specific instructions on how to treat slaves (including marking his ear with an aul if he decides not to abandon his family when the master offers him freedom). The message is clear: it doesn’t matter whether you’re a slave or master, your reward is in Heaven and not Earth.

    That said, an argument can be made that God’s plagues on Egypt showed what he felt about their racist slavery, but for the most part God only seems to care about his chosen race anyway. I’ve always felt that Mark 7:24-30 (where Christ refused to heal a mother’s child because the mother was a Gentile, only changing his mind after she had proven her faith to his liking) proved that Jesus was quite racist. That among other things, of course.

  2. Jen says:

    I am a Christian and very against slavery. My ancestors “owned” slaves, tbough I don’t consider that owning. I consider it kidnapping. Although I’ve heard excuses for why this was considered okay, I can’t see it. Perhaps because we’re not living in those times, but for me, I just cannot see doing this. Sometimes I’ve wondered, what if … 100 years from now everybody works together for the good of the whole. They hear how we lived and worked under others and made money depending on our job. Perhaps they would think this barbaric; I don’t know.
    Personally, though, I cannot justify for a moment how somebody could kidnap and force labor and then say this is Christian. Christianity is supposed to be about PEACE, but yet many Christians are ignorant of their own religion.

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