NC State makes worst schools list for gays

GO WOLFPACK! But not if you are gay.

According to an article from the Houston Voice, NC State University is listed as number 16 on a recently released list of the top 20 schools with the worst climate and atmosphere for LGBT students. The list was included in a compilation of of 361 colleges in the 2007 edition of the Princeton Review’s “The Best 361 Colleges.”

Earlier this August, another book, “The Advocate College Guide for LGBT Students” was released with a list of the top 100 best LGBT-friendly schools. Both Duke University and UNC-Chapel Hill made that list. Duke was listed as number 2. The Advocate Guide was written and information compiled by Charlotte native Shane Windmeyer.

UNCG did not make the top 100 list from the Advocate, but we didn’t make the worst list either. At least that is a good thing, I hope.

During a recent meeting with UNCG Dean of Students Jen Day Shaw, the subject of UNCG’s climate and atmosphere for LGBT students came up. Although we both agreed that the atmosphere and climate leads toward positive, I think we both also know that there could be some things on which the University could improve, especially officially. The issue of an Office of LGBT Student Affairs or maybe an LGBT Resource Center came up during the discussion and she mentioned that no proposal had ever been made for such an office or center. I told her to expect one this year.

At least it seems as though the Administration at UNCG might be willing to work with LGBT students and try to take care of some of these issues. I’m hoping the same holds true for students and the Administration at NC State.

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