For UNCG Students: You can now listen to audio recordings of the UNCG Student Government

On my other blog, produced by me and conservative, UNCG student Ryan Radford, UNCG students and those in the community can now listen to audio recordings of the UNCG Student Senate, Student Senate Legislative Committee and Legislative Board meetings.

The other blog, the UNCG Campus Watch, is a psuedo online newspaper with news and opinions regarding the UNCG campus, Student Government and other groups and events.

On top of the audio recordings, the UNCG Campus Watch also features news stories (as biased as they may be) on the preceedings of the Student Senate. They are biased stories, I admit it… because they are written by me and Ryan Radford and we are both Student Government members, the stories don’t exactly carry any neutrality. That is what The Carolinian is for, so UNCG Campus Watch is, in a way, more like an insider’s view of Student Government when we are covering it. The audio recordings, however, speak for themselves (yeah, I so meant that to be a pun, lol).

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