Right to Serve media articles & updates

As of 2:00pm, September 28:

Fox 8 WGHP Noon broadcast September 21

Fox 8 WGHP 6:00 broadcast September 21

News & Record September 21 article and mid-afternoon update

News & Record September 22 article

365Gay.com News (national LGBT news)

WFMY News 2

Pinknews.co.uk (Great Britain)

UNC-Chapel Hill Daily Tar Heel, September 22 (related MattHillNC.com post)

UNC-Chapel Hill Daily Tar Heel, Staff Editorial, “Let them Serve”, September 25 (the sub-title is hilarious: “Alexander the Great conquered Iraq looking spectacular” lol)

UNC-Chapel Hill Daily Tar Heel, Letter to the Editor, Thomas Jones, September 25 (anti-gay)

UNC-Chapel Hill Daily Tar Heel, Letter to the Editor, Thomas Cluderay (Editor of Lambda Magazine), September 26

UNC-Chapel Hill Daily Tar Heel, Letter to the Editor, Joseph Singleton, September 27

WUNC Radio & NPR (with national coverage I’m told) (right click and save target as to download to your computer)

The Carolinian (UNCG), September 26

YES! Weekly, September 27

MetroWeekly, Washington, DC, September 28

Winston-Salem Chronice, September 28

Q-Notes, NC/SC, October 7 (related post, .PDF of front page) (photo at right from Q-Notes Online)

News & Record, Letter to the Editor, Bill Clinard, October 3

News & Record, Letter to the Editor, Beverly Meredith, October 7

The press conference at 10:30am was attended by numerous media companies, some of which, but no where near all of which are listed here: WXII 12, WFMY 2, Fox 8 WGHP, News & Record, The Carolinian, The Guilfordian, YES! Weekly, WFDD/NPR, WUNC/NPR, News 14 Carolina, The Winston-Salem Chronicle (the WS Journal was a no show – either that or I missed talking to their reporter — Update: The Winston-Salem Journal included an AP photo of the sit-in in its Sept. 22nd issue).

Articles are expected in other papers which did not attend the Press Conference: Q-Notes, The Daily Tar Heel, The Carolinian and The Guilfordian others. Also, we had a live radio interview on 101.1 ZTK FM Talk’s Brad and Britt in the morning show on Friday at about 7:40am on Friday, September 22, as well as a live interview on the Sirius OutQ Morning Show, part of the national gay satellite radiot station OutQ.

I’m sure the blogosphere – at least the LGBT blogosphere – will be buzzing after a while.

Stay tuned to the blog for more updates throughout the evening and tomorrow.

Update (11:45m, September 27th): Blogosphere: (This list of blogs around the country is being continually updated as I find links).

Caron Myers, Fox 8 staff blog “When asked, they told” & “Should they Serve?”

The Queer Standard


Joe Killian and Joe Killian again

Ed Cone

Pam’s House Blend

Sue’s Place

Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Neptunes Lex (anti-gay)

4 mile creek

Sarah Beth Jones

Replace the Lies with Truth (Joe Brummer)


Lotusmedia 2.0

The Operator

A patriot’s weapon of choice (Melissa Westmoreland)

Thinking Out Loud (Allen Johnson, Greensboro News & Record staff blogs)

Off the Record (Doug Clark, Greensboro News & Record staff blogs)

Bitter Queen

Techography (anti-gay)

Alex Nini’s (an enlistee) MySpace Blog

Antione Le Recruiter

Alex Destroyed the Scene

Acting Out at Vassar

Instapundit (Glenn Reynolds… Gays in the Military? “Seems admirable to me. Why not let ’em?”)


The ‘Right’ Side of Politics & Social Issues

Big Daddy Weave

Sam Wilkinson

Mudville Gazette – MilBlogs (anti-gay)


devil MySpace Blog

UNCG University Studies class/section blog 110.37, Group 3

Also… the news story (and my post featuring the photos from the day) was featured on PageOneQ.com on Friday, September 22, 2006, for hundreds of thousands of viewers.

Note: The term “anti-gay” in reference to blog or media links refers to a news story or blog writer’s position on gays in the military. If, in my opinion, I believe the news story or blog writer is opposed to letting gays serve openly in the military through the context of the article or blog post, I have put the term “anti-gay” next to the link. Arguments of “I have plenty of gay friends” or “I don’t care if people are gay as long as I don’t know about it” aren’t going to cut it.

Note number 2: Linked media articles and blog posts, whatever their content or opinion (including mine) DO NOT, I stress again DO NOT, represent the official views or stances of Soulforce, Soulforce Youth or the Soulforce Right to Serve Campaign.

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18 Responses to “Right to Serve media articles & updates”
  1. beth says:

    So how much money is the fine?

  2. lex says:

    Did you actually read the post of mine you linked to? I’m not remotely “anti-gay.” I’m pro-military and absolutely against our recruiting stations being used for cheap political stunts in an election season.

    Gays have a right to serve. Gays have served honorably, nobly and heroically through our country’s existence. Gays are serving honorably, nobly and heroically right now, in combat, while these protesters stage their dramas.

    The difference between those gays and the ones you’re writing about is the difference between “service” and “self-serving.”

  3. Matt says:

    Yes I read your post and “anti-gay” was the easiest, quickest way for me to state: “This man does not support gay people and their right to serve openly and honestly. This man supports DADT and wants to keep young, willing, able-bodied people out of the military just because they are gay… or more specifically, he wants gay people in the military as long as they hide who they are, keep their mouth shut and pretend they are something they aren’t.”

    Yeah, “anti-gay” was a lot easier to write.

  4. Matt says:

    Beth — We don’t know how much the fine will be, although we can be assured that if we are given one it will be somewhere between $150 and $250 per person. We went to the Triad Business and Professional Guild last night and we are going to be raising money. I told my friends and fellow students that money would not be an issue for anyone and that money problems shouldn’t stop any person from doing something they believe to be right and true and just. I promised to raise money for them and I’m going to stick to it.

    (PS – Soulforce is kicking in some cash but I don’t know right now whether or not they will be able to cover it all – so to be on the safe side we are starting fundraising and if Soulforce can pay for it all now, then the money we raise will go toward similar non-violent protests in other cities across the state in the future)

  5. HillWilliam says:


    Check your e 😉

    I’m so sorry I missed the action last night. My partner looked up when the news came on Ch 12 and exclaimed, OMG! Isn’t one of those guys Matt? Apparently so!

    I’ve submitted an article about my military experience to the Gay Military Times which is slated for publication within the next month. I hope that more LGBT people who served will come forward to tell their stories as well. The few bigots at the top of the military really should know better, and should admit that LGBT people have served honorably all along.

    Last night, I jumped into Soulforce with both feet and a couple of weeks back, I became involved with Military Equality. I’m taking their activist orientation and hope to stand with you and make all of you who participated yesterday as proud of me as I am of you.

    You have my and my partner’s gratitude for standing up for what’s right, correct and fair.

    Keep us in the loop, buddy. Even us oldfarts are willing to contribute and stand with you 😀

  6. Matt says:

    Hi Bill!

    Thanks so much for your support. Yesterday was just the beginning. The Soulforce youth movement, as far as I’m concerned, will continue in North Carolina and we will take our message of equality for LGBT people across this state. Your help, assistance, organizing and support is greatly needed and wanted!

    So when are we going to get up and chat over coffee? We’ve been planning that for a while now, lol 😉


  7. HillWilliam says:

    Heya, Matt,

    Do you still have our phone number? Rob and I live only two blocks from campus and I cross campus twice a day. Meeting up isn’t a problem. We’d like to know more about how to offer our support. Shoot me an E and we’ll work it out.

    Looking forward,

  8. BloodSpite says:

    Don’t bother arguing with him Lex. He labeled us “anti-Gay” as well despite having us having written article’s supporting gay rights to marriage.

    Labels are all that matter to someone with a chip on his shoulder apparently.

  9. Matt says:

    In response to BloodSpite, I refer you to the note at the end of the post: The term “anti-gay” in reference to blog or media links refers to a news story or blog writer’s position on gays in the military. If, in my opinion, I believe the news story or blog writer is opposed to letting gays serve openly in the military through the context of the article or blog post, I have put the term “anti-gay” next to the link. Arguments of “I have plenty of gay friends” or “I don’t care if people are gay as long as I don’t know about it” aren’t going to cut it.

    How can you be for equality for LGBT people, when you aren’t willing to offer them full equality? You can’t have it both ways.

  10. BloodSpite says:

    And I refer to note my own articles and the article in question you linked to.

    At no point did any of us say they should *not* have full equality. In fact I think you’ll find most of us agree that you should.

    I submit to you that your using a age old tactic of controlling a debate by controlling the terms of the debate. If we do not agree with precisely what it is you are saying thereby where are wrong no matter what we support or do not support.

    Put making a spectacle of yourself in front of recruiting station is not the way to do so, and none of us will agree with that.

    Now should you do sin front of former President William Clinton, the individual who wrote and approved the bill for the very thing your protesting, I would support you with all hands. But the military did not make this rule, they just enforce it, and they do not have the power to overturn it.

  11. Matt says:

    BloodSpite… on your blog you support a man and a post which bashes a person’s right to serve openly and honestly in the military. You are supporting a man and a post which says homosexuality is an “activity.” You are supporting a man and a post which looks down on gay people and defends the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy. In my mind, defending an anti-gay law is, well… an anti-gay action. I’m not going to apologize for my opinion. If you don’t like my opinion you don’t have to read my blog. I’m not making you come here; you came here on your own. I read Lex’s post and then I saw where you were supporting him. I thought Lex’s post was anti-gay (for the reasons said above) and you supported that.

  12. P_G_S says:

    Are you serious? If you REALLY want to serve I’m certain the services will be more than happy to have you. If you just want to use this as an excuse to flaunt a political agenda you’re simply a misguided fool. Odds are good you are refering to the post I wrote. I suggest you go back and read the post carefully. At no point were any anti-gay comments made in reference to the armed forces or any other aspect of life. Were we to be truly anti-gay as you put it out stance would have been much different and, more importantly, I wouldn’t have friends and co-workers that I admire personally and/or professionally who are openly gay. Were I to be “anti-gay” I would be resorting to violence and derogatory terms and refuse to work, study or associate with these individuals.
    If you really want to change the policy, run for office or support someone running who shares your views. However, do not insult our servicemen and women with your childish tantrums and crys for attention at recruiting stations. Remeber, you can get a lot of attention by farting in church but it won’t do your cause much good.

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