Fox 8: WFU gay students denounce hate

Last night students of every shape, size, color and type gathered to take a stand against hate-based violence. Their candle-light vigil, organized by the Gay-Straight Student Alliance, in front of Wait Chapel was a public stand against hate, backed by the University itself (previous posts).
Here’s the Fox 8 story (video available at Fox 8’s site):

Some students at Wake Forest University say harassment over their sexuality has turned into physical violence. Now the university’s Gay-Straight Alliance is holding a candlelight march to bring attention to the issue.

Gay and lesbian students at Wake say it’s no secret verbal harassment and name-calling has been happening for year, but last month a student claims he was punched for being openly gay. Because of that incident, many think it’s time for the entire campus to take a stand against violence of any kind towards anyone.

“It’s very visible that they do not like me,” Chandler Carruth, WFU Gay-Straight Alliance, says.

Carruth is a graduate student and says because of his affiliation with the Alliance, some people who don’t know his sexual orientation verbally harass him.

“Words alone are harsh, intimidating and do psychological damage,” Carruth says. He says when students start to feel unsafe and damage becomes physical, they need to step up and reconsider their approach to the issue.

After last month’s incident involving the gay student who was punched, Carruth and about 40 students involved in the Alliance, decided now is the time to ask all minority groups and the entire campus to speak out against hate based violence.

Click here to read the full story and see the video.

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