4 Responses to “This can’t be good for ole’ Coble”
  1. Ryan says:

    So some random person searches for this and now it’s a scandal?

    I’m sorry, Matt, but the respectibility of your blog is going downhill pretty quickly. You’re not helping the cause you’re fighting for by running a gossip-mill. I’m being serious with you, it’s getting kind-of stupid.

  2. Roch101 says:

    I also question your eagerness to expose visitors through your log files. If you want this site to become known as a place where one’s visitation may be scrutinized and publicized, that’s your business; but keep it up and I’m sure there will be people who decide it’s too risky visit.

  3. Matt says:

    Ryan and Roch… I’m not trying to run a gossip mill. I didn’t say it was a scandal and I didn’t say that Coble was a pedophile. I just thought it was interesting.

    But Roch is right… putting up the log was probably not the best thing to do. I guess this is one reason why blogs could be considered sometype of real media? People, the readers, have some say as to what is covered by the people who write it.

    I’ll take down the log.

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