Equality Ride 2007: Should I?

So… A few weeks ago, following the Soulforce Right to Serve Campaign events in Greensboro, NC, I had some short conversations with the organizers of the Soulforce Youth division about going on the second Equality Ride in March and April 2007.

I’m seriously thinking of going. That means I’d have to take the semester off, most likely. I might be able to get independent study or internship credits, though. One of my former Religious Studies professors told me it might be possible. I guess I’ll just have to look into that. I’m kind of wary of taking a whole semester off, but I can do some research and see where that leads me.

The Equality Ride 2007 should be awesome though. They are going to have two routes, instead of one: That means 60 youth and a whole lot more stops at religious and (maybe?) military schools which ban enrolling openly LGBT students.

I’ll be thinking about it, though.

Here’s some promotional materials, via the Equality Ride 2007 FaceBook group (click images to enlarge and read):

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2 Responses to “Equality Ride 2007: Should I?”
  1. jeff Lutes says:

    I hope you will apply Matt. It will be a life changing experience. I guarantee it!

    Jeff Lutes, MS, LPC
    Executive Director,
    Soulforce, Inc.

  2. Matt says:

    Thanks for the comments Jeff! I’m certainly thinking about it. I’ll be in touch with Haven or Jake after I have a chance to talk to my old professor and advisor for classes.

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