NC GOP speaks on NJ marriage ruling

The North Carolina Republican Party has again proven to me why I never became a Republican, despite some of my conservative leanings.

Blazened across the very front of their web page as the “Top Story” (direct link to the official press release)only days before the General Election, the NC GOP has decided to once again use scare tactics in recruiting votes on the Oh No! Gasp! Scream! It’s Halloween, let’s scare everybody! issue of marriage for same-sex couples:

What Stands In Between North Carolina and Homosexual Marriage? Seven Supreme Court Justices

(RALEIGH) – Wednesday, New Jersey’s Supreme Court ruled in favor of granting same-sex couples the rights given to heterosexual couples in New Jersey. The court ruled that under the New Jersey constitution “committed same-sex couples must be afforded on equal terms the same rights and benefits enjoyed by married opposite-sex couples.”

“What happened in New Jersey is a prime example of what can happen when liberals are in charge of the courts,” said Ferrell Blount, State Chairman of the North Carolina Republican Party. “The New Jersey Supreme Court decision shows how liberal judges can change the law and subvert the will of the people by interpreting state constitutions. That is why North Carolina needs to elect Republican judges.”

North Carolina has ratified a Defense of Marriage Act that defines marriage as being between one man and one woman. However, the liberal Democrat leadership in both the NC House and Senate never allowed the Defense of Marriage Amendment to the North Carolina Constitution, which would have protected the institution of marriage from misinterpretation, to be brought to a vote despite bipartisan support in the General Assembly.

“Only conservative justices on the North Carolina Supreme Court stand in the way of a liberal trial court judge ruling that homosexuals have a right to marry under the North Carolina Constitution,” added Ferrell Blount. “Until we can replace the Democrat majority in the General Assembly, North Carolina needs a Republican majority on the Supreme Court.”

Four of the seven members of the North Carolina Supreme Court are up for election this year, bringing the possibility of major changes to the interpretation of North Carolina’s constitution after the election.

“Following the election, our newly elected Supreme Court will have the power to interpret our constitution,” said Ferrell Blount. “We need a Supreme Court that will defend the constitution as it is written, not interpret it to its members’ liking.”

I guess it really has to suck knowing that your party is going to lose no matter what you do! Maybe they’ll think twice before electing a nit-wit like Bush again.

When the debates over marriage for same-sex couples first started the Republicans and their conservative wacko-nutcase Religious Right bedfellows claimed that all they were wanting to do was “protect traditional marriage.” They said they weren’t against equality. They said all they wanted to do was defend the “definition of marriage.”

The New Jersey decision does not grant same-sex couples marriage. All it does is say they must be given the same rights, benefits, privileges and, yes, obligations which heterosexual couples receive. Why the hell are the GOPers up in arms? The “definition of marriage” hasn’t been changed. New Jersey will most likely institute “civil unions.” Most likely, Jersey gay folks won’t see “marriage.”

If all the Republicans really wanted to do was “protect marriage,” then they would have absolutely no reason to be upset over this ruling for equality under the law. The NC GOP has done nothing but show its true, ugly, anti-gay hatred, bigotry, ignorance, prejudice and support for discrimination.

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