Results: North Carolina House & Senate

An article from the Raleigh News & Observer, timed at 12:49am November 8, 2006, has the Democrats hoping to make for themselves a solid majority in both the North Carolina House and Senate. The article says that the Democrats had hoped to pick up a 31-19 majority in the Senate and a 71-49 majority in the House
While Speaker Jim Black is barely winning by 7 votes in Mecklenburg County (100th House District), good news is bounding for Democrats.

Results from the Raleigh News & Observer (front page election graphic, approx. 1:52am, 11/8):
In the Senate, the Democrats will hold a 29-19 majority.
In the House, the Democrats will hold a 67-52 majority.

Representative Pricey Harrison (NC House 57) staved off her Republican challenger Ron Styers. Representative Alma Adams (NC House 58) won against her Republican challenger Olga Morgan Wright. Representative Maggie Jeffus (NC House 59) won against Republican Jim Rumley.

Representatives Harrison and Jeffus’ wins will continue to ensure the protection and safety of LGBT citizens. Congratulations go to them and thanks also, for their support of LGBT North Carolinians.

In my Election Day edition of my Carolinian column, I included a bit on Representative Harrison:

Pricey Harrison, the North Carolina House Representative for District 57, is candidate more than deserving of my vote, but since I’m registered to vote in Winston-Salem (I’m a commuter student, of course), I will not be able to cast my vote for her or for other well-deserving candidates in Greensboro.

Representative Harrison’s record in Raleigh is solid. She was successful in increasing the funds allotted to the AIDS Drug Assistance Program. She was also a sponsor of a bill which would include age, gender, disability and sexual orientation into our state’s Ethnic Intimidation Act, North Carolina’s version of hate crimes legislation.

In the community, Representative Harrison has been publicly supportive and outspoken on issues affecting all North Carolinians, including the LGBT community. Her advocacy and care for LGBT people and the issues which are important to them has been a breath of fresh air in a state government where LGBT people are usually ignored and only sometimes tolerated. Representative Harrison is in a small class of state legislators who truly understand that when we talk of equality for all we must be willing to give it to all, regardless of sexual orientation.

North Carolina will remain, for at least a couple more years, the ONLY SOUTHERN STATE without a Constitutional amendment banning marriage for same-sex couples and institutionalizing discrimination against LGBT citizens.

Tennessee, Virginia and South Carolina amendments passed.

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3 Responses to “Results: North Carolina House & Senate”
  1. Natasha Sell says:

    You know what bothers me about these local elections? How apparent it is that people let Washington politics influence who they vote for this year. Washington has nothing to do with Raleigh and yet you wouldn’t know it by the number of people who voted straight tickets. Oh well, I guess its too much to ask that people look at each individual race. I’m not just saying that for Greensboro though, it happened back in my home place too. Oh well, here’s raising a big glass to 2008!

  2. Matt says:

    Oh come on Natasha… Get real. The Democrats have been in power in the North Carolina state government for almost 150 years. The leadership of this state has been and will be for sometime Democratic. It has nothing to do with national politics, but everything to do with NC Dems know what is best for our state and the voters know it.

  3. Natasha Sell says:

    Oh I know that Dems will always be in charge because they drew the party lines for themselves. It is quite brilliant. But you know I’m telling the truth. Some people only voted Democratic or Republican in local races based on how they feel about Washington, which is ludicrous. It has nothing to do with Raleigh, but people can’t see it that way. I’m not just talking about Republican losses though. I’m talking about some good Democrats who lost as well because of the neo-cons who couldn’t look past the R on the ballot.

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