Results: Arizona rejects anti-gay amendment

In the Marriage and Domestic Partnerships results post, Arizona was noted as most likely defeating an anti-gay marriage amendment.

Now (h/t Pam), with information from the Arizona Secretary of State’s Office it is pretty safe to say that Arizona has become the FIRST STATE to REJECT an anti-gay Constitutional amendment!

Click the image above to see the results screen-capped at approximately 3:00am or click here to view most up-to-date results.

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3 Responses to “Results: Arizona rejects anti-gay amendment”
  1. Natasha Sell says:

    See, I told you, when it comes down to a vote, don’t be scared that people will vote for a gay marriage ban. The majority of citizens view this as the government having too much control over people’s privacy and will have nothing to do with it.

  2. Matt says:

    This was only one state Natasha. What about the 7 other which approved the bans. Most of the bans passed yesterday, specificaly Virginia’s, ban ANY LEGAL RECOGNITION WHATSOEVER of gay couples, including wills and power-of-attorney agreements.

    So maybe the majority of people IN ARIZONA view it the way you say, but the majority of people around the nation do not.

    Civil rights matters should never be subject to the whim of public opinion.

  3. Natasha Sell says:

    I don’t know Matt, you know that powers not given to the Federal Government are given to the states. You will have a better chance of getting voters to say no than to get politicians to say no, because they are only looking out for themselves. Besides, I think it says something that Arizona said ‘no’ because beside the south, they are another red state. Which shows promise.

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