All my fault… I’m bringin’ down society

Who ever thought a small, poor little gay boy from the South could bring down all of society and culture?

Charles Davenport, Jr. evidentally does.

In a recent guest column in the Greensboro News & Record on Sunday, November 5, 2006 (it isn’t posted online anywhere, btw), Davenport wrote about a few things, titling his column, “Notes on a culture in decline.”

He attacks the New Jersey Supreme Court for their decision on the recognition of gay couples. He attacks the Triad Equality Alliance, one of our local LGBT groups.

Then he attacks me.. poor, pitiful ‘ole me… bringing down all of our world as we know it:

From an article in last Sunday’s paper we learned about the efforts of Matt Hill Comer, a local gay activist who has challenged the Boy Scouts, Liberty University and the Army for their respective positions on gay rights. Comer reportedly delights in “challenging the norm.”

The arguments of those skeptical of the gay agenda – a.k.a. the ignorant, the unenlightened, the homophobis – arise from centuries of accumulated wisdom and natural law. The gay rights agenda often masquerades as a matter of “civil rights,” and the activists’ lofty assertions are buttressed by little more than hubris. The arrogance of thse who dismiss, with the wave of a hand, the ancient norms of society is boundless; the danger of such nihilism, incalculable.

Wow… I never knew I was that powerful.

Thanks for the shout out Davenport… and the compliments, too. This poor gay boy from the South has power? Ha. I never knew.

By the way… you should know that “challenging the norm” was not something I said. That was the reporter’s words. I don’t “challenge the norm.” I speak the truth about what our nation and communities should be and should have always been, as promised to us by the Constitution and everything our people hold dear. I’m not challinging the norm… I’m challenging hate, bigotry, discrimination and prejudice and defending the principles which have made our people and our nation the epitome of democratic states around the world.

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8 Responses to “All my fault… I’m bringin’ down society”
  1. Michael says:

    I have always loved that phrase “challenging the norm” as if thats a bad thing. And the comment there of “those skeptical of the gay agenda … arise from centuries of accumulated wisdom and natural law”. It’s funny, because last Tuesday is the culmination of challenging the “accumulated wisdom” that preceded us … the right to choose our own rulers.

    We, this country, challenged the norm 2 centuries ago, when the norm was to be ruled by a king and a royal caste. We challenged it, threw it overboard and started accumulating new wisdom. One, I might add, that is being copied in other countries all over the globe!

    Change. It’s whats good for you!

  2. Congratulations on all that power you’ve apparently amassed by speaking the truth! Must feel great! Can you crush carn bare-handed now?

    I’m always tempted to get mad at Davenport but he’s such a clown…

  3. Matt says:

    Thanks Michael… So true… A great perspective that can’t be forgotten.

    Sarah… Davenport SHOULD be challenged everytime he friggin’ speaks.

  4. Matt says:

    Yeah… that and we’d still have slavery and women would still be considered property… Oh and we’d still be living under the Feudal System.

  5. Joe T. says:

    If he really went by “..centuries of accumulated wisdom and natural law..” he’d know that- from Alexander, to Michelangelo, to Francis Bacon, to Alan Turing- homosexuals should be able to enjoy equality so they can get on with their business of benefitting society.

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