WUNC ‘State of Things’ Interview

Viola! Here it is. My time with the wonderful Frank Stasio of WUNC’s “The State of Things.”

Matt Hill Comer
Monday, November 13 2006

At age fourteen, Matt Hill Comer was on track to become an Eagle Scout, but a run-in with his local Boy Scouts troop over homosexuality took his life in a new direction. Host Frank Stasio speaks to Matt Hill Comer, now a 20-year-old sophomore at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, about equality, politics and youth activism.


The interview runs a total of about 48 minutes (it was an hour slot live, with breaks).

I haven’t made it back to my house in Winston, yet… I’m at UNCG for the rest of the evening (we have a Joint Senate/House meeting of Student Government tonight).

When I’ll get back I’ll update the side of the page here with the link to the interview as well as update the Media-Press page.

A big shout out and thanks goes out again to Frank and producers Katy Barron and Lindsay Thomas, as well as Executive Producer Susan Davis, Managing Editor Dave DeWitt and Broadcast Producer Robin Copley. Thanks for the opportunity, ya’ll; it was fun!

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