National ‘gender-blind’ college housing advocacy organization releases formal statement

gender blindCLICK HERE to see the YouTube video of the Fox News Channel “Heartland” with John Kasich debate on gender-blind housing

As first reported in the entire nation on December 13, 2006, right here through and various other sites I partner with, the National Student Genderblind Campaign ( is voicing concern over what they claim to be a biased and negligent news segment from Fox News 25 in Boston, Massachussets. My December 13th story included an exclusive interview with Guilford College student and Campaign co-founder David Norton.

Today, the Campaign issued a formal statement regarding the issue. In the statement, the Campaign announced its new grassroots organizing campaign for dorm and restroom gender-neutral policies for college campuses and the appearance of Brittney Hoffman of the Gender Public Advocacy Coalition, representing both the Campaign and the Coalition, on a live, televised debate on the subject on Fox News Channel’s “Heartland” show with John Kasich (8pm EST, Saturday, December 16, 2006).

To read their full statement or learn more about the controversy visit

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