Ark. Gov. blasts marriage equality, supporters

In his latest new book, Mike Huckabee, the Governor of Arkansas, has a few words to say to those who support marriage equality between opposite-sex couples and same-sex couples (src):

In the book, Huckabee also accuses supporters of gay marriage of “wreaking havoc on the institution of marriage itself.”

“Whether or not our culture should accomodate persons of the same gender who wish to share hospital visitation rights, insurance benefits and so forth is an entirely different discussion, but to call anything and everything a ‘marriage’ is unacceptable because marriage means something specific – a permanent relationship between a man and a woman for life,” he says.

Thanks, Governor Mike. We’ll keep it mind. In the meantime, would you please direct the same message to all the Hollywood marriages that never seem to be a “permanent relationship” as well as the folks responsible for all those horrible marriage-game-show schemes? We’d greatly appreciate it.

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  1. […] In a report from Pine Bluff Commercial Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee, among other things, attacks Gay Marriage, saying that it “[wreaks] havoc on the institution of marriage itself”. He goes on to define marriage as “a permanent relationship between a man and a woman for life”. If that is the way that he feels than he shouldn’t be just attacking Gay Marriage, but as Matt Hill suggests he should be directing his comments towards the “Hollywood” and similar “one-night” marriages. […]

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