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Joe.My.God is holding his “Queer of the Year” awards and I’m urging everyone to vote for Soulforce. No offense intended to any other person/group on the list. Hester, Hudson, Jones and others are definitely deserving of the award, but I just can’t help from placing my loyalty with Soulforce (www.soulforce.org)

So here’s my bit of campaigning… (and here comes the full disclosure, lol) As the City Organizer for Greensboro, NC (details on our local NC action) in Soulforce’s Right to Serve Campaign on “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” I ask you to give your vote to Soulforce.

In the past year this group has taken under its wing the LGBT and straight ally activists, leaders, and politicians of tomorrow… youth who, unlike so many our age, understand that there is something larger, something bigger to the world other than ourselves and our immediate surroundings.

In the spring, 30 youth put their personal lives on hold to go on the very first Equality Ride, bringing the message of “Learn from History” to religious and military schools around the country which do not allow the admission of openly gay students. The message was clear: Discrimination in the name of God has never been right and everytime it has been done, it has been proven wrong.

In the fall, THOUSANDS of youth around the country participated in the Right to Serve Campaign. Youth took a stand by going to Military Recruiting Centers and honestly, earnestly attempting to enlist as openly gay Americans. We were willing to serve, but we were not willing to hide our lvies or actively lie about who we are in order to do it. Those youth and their supporters sat in at the Recruiting Centers when they were denied. Standing up for a cause by sitting down and refusing to leave until out rights as American citizens were recognized sent a simple but strong message to the people of our country (and not just the politicians in D.C.): Lesbian, gay and bisexual Americans should be able to serve their country without oppression from government-sanctioned discrimination. Slowly, but surely, the rest of America is agreeing with us and “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” will soon be a thing of the past.

In January 2007, (full disclosure again), I will be fortunate enough to join with 50 or so other youth activists and leaders for our first meeting to plan the Equality Ride 2007 in March and April. In 2007, two buses, not one, will travel the country spreading a message of equality and love to our nation’s religious schools with anti-gay policies.

Please… cast your vote for Soulforce. This organization truly understands the power of youth in changing the possibilities and realities of the future. Soulforce should be our “Queer of the Year.”

VOTE HERE – and Vote for Soulforce por favor

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2 Responses to “Queer of the Year – Vote for Soulforce”
  1. Stein says:

    We’ll second that. At The Pagan Science Monitor, Soulforce is our endorsed candidate. Way to go, Soulforce!

  2. Matt says:

    YAY!!! Vote for Soulforce!!!

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