Updates: “The Matt Hill Comer problem”

Quick updates on “The Matt Hill Comer problem” and what has seemed to become an internet, campus and community controversy…

Good friend and fellow blogger Pam Spaulding saw fit to post about the column on her site, along with her always wonderful, never lacking commentary. Thanks to the commenters there.

My friend and fellow Equality Rider, Cylest, is upset over the Mr. Crawford’s words.

Apparently, I’m a rock-star and a good Southern Gentleman. Thanks ExHack.

I’m also going to be the first openly gay President. Thanks Alan.

Commenter Regan DuCasse has some things to say to Mr. Crawford in this post’s comment thread.

According to “the rules” (The Carolinian‘s Code of Ethics) I’m not allowed to directly respond to any published letter to the editor or guest column. I made the mistake of doing that in the first post on this issue, and quickly corrected it when chastised by my editors. I thank Mr. Crawford for taking the time to comment directly to me on my site. I’ve enjoyed the very calm, polite and very Biblically-based, intellectually-stimulating conversation. If, at first, I doubted my ability to have a very calm, polite and Biblically-based discussion with another person with views on homosexuality so different from my own, I am now convinced that I’m adequately prepared to do it (although it wouldn’t hurt to study more).

Some choice comments regarding the column:

Hunter at The Carolinian‘s site
History has also shown that ‘seismic changes’ are almost always initiated by forward thinking, progressive individuals, not those who yearn to move backwards. We have come a long way in reaching greater equality for individuals suffering under oppression because of their race, gender, sexual orientation, etc. – an oppression that was and is often enforced by the teachings of Christianity and other religions – however we still live in a world of injustice and inequality based upon unchosen traits. If you choose to follow the strict language of the Bible (a book you must acknowledge has been printed by mortal humans for centuries) you cannot pick and choose your morals. To follow this word of God directly, then you must agree that human slaves are acceptable, women are subordinate to men, and so on, enforcing many specifically-mentioned ethical obligations that much of our society has come to view as highly objectionable. Hopefully, through the hard work of people like Matt and PRIDE!, those that identify with a variety of sexual orientations will someday become accepted as they are.

Fellow Equality Rider, Bram (a straight ally) in the first post’s comment thread
Mr. Crawford,
You must be careful with the words you use because it is important to choose ones that accurately describe a given situation. Considering the context and reality of Genesis 19, the drive of gang rape is one of power, domination, and humiliation and has nothing to do with homosexuality as we are discussing it, here and now in the 21st century. No gay Christian would advocate gang rape.

Also, we could play the “pick and choose” verse game all day. This was how slavery, racism, sexism, etc. have been justified in our recent past. We’ll take our prejudices and justify them with Bible verses. All you need is to be well-read, analytical, intellectual and to possess an extreme desire to be “right” no matter what. There are many mysteries about God and the faith and it is wise to remember that. So I could retaliate back with a comment about suggesting that you continue reading Romans past verse 1:18 and see what Paul says about judgment. But I’m sure you’ll fire back with something else. And on and on we go.

But what is the point? While you may be very convinced that you are correct, can you not see that Matt and I could continue this conversation endlessly defending our position as well? I am a straight Christian who grew up hearing EVERYTHING you are putting forth…it is not a “herald” who eloquently summarizes the status quo as you have done. True prophetic voices are those who speak truth when very few believe it to be true or understand it. It takes little intelligence and bravery to regurgitate beliefs that have been ingrained in church-members and society for generations. The traditional views of homosexuality are pretty well known. We’ve heard them. Listen for a new voice of truth…every great change in human history was radical at first.

Many friends, community members, UNCG faculty members and at least one person in the media has approached me to discuss the column (I never really discussed it with the media… I can’t directly respond, remember?). From what I’m told, many of my friends and colleagues have opted to write letters to the editor. UNCG PRIDE!, our campus LGBT student group, also drafted an official, organizational, Executive Board-endorsed and General Body-notified statement regarding the column (more details on that when and/or if it becomes public).

This community discussion and dialogue is only a test… a test to see if UNCG is as open and as accepting and as welcoming of the LGBT community as it says it is.

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