News Break: NC Episcopalians may issue apology to gays

I’m taking my mind off the interesting convo here at the Progressive Bloggers Conference to bring some important news

Church supports apology to gays
By Nancy H. McLaughlin, Staff Writer
Jan. 27, 2007, Greensboro News & Record

GREENSBORO — Episcopalians meeting in Greensboro this week gave strong preliminary support for a resolution apologizing to gays and lesbians for how they’ve been treated by Christians.

The resolution, which is expected to go before the full Episcopal Diocese of North Carolina this morning, would also affirm homosexuals as “children of God who have a full and equal claim with all other persons upon the love, acceptance and pastoral concern and care of the Church.”

A similar resolution was passed this past summer by the General Convention of the Episcopal Church, which has been racked with division since the affirmation of its first openly gay bishop.

The North Carolina resolution comes after the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina, the state’s largest religious group, approved a resolution this summer that would remove member churches that endorse or affirm the homosexual lifestyle.

“I would wish it were as simple as saying ‘My congregation is open to anybody who wants to come,’” Chaplain Kevin Matthews of St. Mary’s House in Greensboro, who submitted the resolution, said during Friday’s hearing.

“The reality is that sometimes we have to say and do things for people who won’t get to your door for you to be welcoming and friendly because they might already believe you are going to be hostile. … This is an evangelism and mission-minded resolution.”

While the discussion never grew heated, some delegates made it clear they wanted the church to stop talking about sex.

Most of those who stood up to be heard spoke in favor of the resolution.

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