Southern Baptist gay book hypocrisy

Big Daddy Weave, a regular here aroung, writes on the fact that the website of Lifeway Christian Resources (an entity owned by the Southern Baptist Convention) carries works by gay-friendly authors, including books that are themselves gay-friendly in their stance.

Weave points out the hypocrisy:

The Southern Baptist Convention is anti-gay. No argument there. In the last six months alone, Missouri Southern Baptists have threatened to boycott Wal-Mart due to their “pro-homosexual policies” and North Carolina Southern Baptists flat out kicked gay-friendly congregations to the curb. Ok, so what’s the deal?

Why the double standard? Lifeway doesn’t stock President Frank Page’s Trouble With The Tulip but will sell Gifted by Otherness: Gay and Lesbian Christians in the Church….

Southern Baptists, are you bothered?

If the Baptists say that Walmart can’t sell gay-friendly books, why are they selling the same books themselves?

Read the entire post at Weave’s site. He’s got some more interesting words on the subject.

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2 Responses to “Southern Baptist gay book hypocrisy”
  1. Matt,

    Don’t forget the adjective in front of Baptists. It’s the Southern Baptists that are anti-gay. In case you or your readers have not heard, Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, and Mercer University have helped to organize a celebration of North American Baptists in Atlanta next January. Over 20,000 Baptists are expected to attend. Those leaders who signed the New Baptist Covenant represent over 20 million Baptists – none of which are Southern Baptists. Read more here.

    As to Lifeway, this is indeed hypocrisy at its finest. Even the Southern Baptists whom I’ve spoken with recognize this hypocrisy. Recent state convention history has shown us that the nastiest anti-gay Southern Baptists are located primarily in two states – North Carolina and Missouri.

    I don’t care what resolutions the SBC passes. They are anti-gay and anti-everything else. We know this. Their fate is sealed. They have chosen this course. Whats sad is how the fundamentalists are causing havoc and destroying relationships within your own state.

    I just ask the SBC to show some consistency and end the hypocrisy. Be as nasty and unChrist-like as you wanna be – but don’t be a hypocrite.

  2. Richard B Fuller says:

    Contact me with more info!

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    Georgetown, KY 40324

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