Winston-Salem City Councilman announces bid for North Carolina Lt. Governor seat

Democrat Dan Besse (pictured right), the Winston-Salem City Council member who represent’s Winston’s Southwest Ward (my City district) announced Tuesday his 2008 bid for the Lt. Governor’s seat of the State of North Carolina (h/t

Besse has long been a progressive, Democratic voice in the politics of Winston-Salem, Northwest North Carolina and the state as a whole. Besse has a strong and proven record of leadership on conservation and energy issues as well as a record indicating a commitment to equality among all citizens.

Besse’s campaign website has a great deal of detailed information about him, why he is running and some issues on which he is standing. Check it out at

I’ll definitely be supporting Dan Besse’s bid for the Lt. Governor’s seat. As a constituent of his in Winston-Salem’s Southwest Ward, I’ve kept track of his performance and I know he is committed to doing the work of the People. I believe that Besse is a great candidate for the job, that he’ll bring many good qualities and qualifications to Raleigh and the North Carolina Senate and that he will stand upon his already proven records of protecting the unique, natural and rich environment of our state and the dignity and equality of all North Carolinians.

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  1. Dan Besse says:

    Matt, thanks very much. I appreciate your support and look forward to working with you.

    Do you expect to be at the PFLAG event on February 12? I’ll be there for the evening program.


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