Video: UNC statewide student gov’t & LGBTQI students

NOTE (02/11/2007 1:15am): The video below was only a preview of a more in-depth, well-researched and presented video. After learning of some very important and interesting information regarding the adoption of a completely new constitution for UNCASG, the focus of the video will be changing a bit. The interviews in the video preview below may or may not be included in the final video version.


Many of you may remember, especially after I included it in the 2006 wrap-up, the big controversy surrounding a proposal in The University of North Carolina Association of Students Governments back in April 2006.

UNCASG is the state-wide student government and student advocacy organization representing each of the 16 UNC campuses and over 200,000 students. The group is entirely student-run and directed and funded directly from fees collected from each and every UNC System student.

The April 2006 proposal brought to UNCASG’s General Assembly was presented by me and was primarily a proposal arising from the UNCG Student Government Association. The proposal would have amended UNCASG’s constitutional Equal Opportunity Clause to include sexual orientation, gender, gender-identity/expression and socio-economic status. Of course, the majority of the debate centered around sexual orientation.

A couple of days ago I was finally able to buy my digital video camera and I got the editing software from Sony to go with it. Here is the a preview of the first video I’m committing myself to making. The video offers some more detail on the proposal and has some short comments from students and how they feel about the proposal. When the video is done, I hope to have something that can be used to help motivate students at each of the 16 campuses to urge UNCASG to push for this Equal Opportunity Clause change.

Watch the preview… more details coming later with the full video (as soon as it is done).

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