Saturday: Busy Day… all over the state

Today is a busy day, for sure.

I have to pack some clothes and other things I’ll need for my stay overnight at the Westin Hotel in Charlotte, NC, then head to Greensboro for my presentation on the Soulforce Equality Ride at the General Assembly of the state-wide UNC Association of Student Governments.

After that, I head down to Charlotte, NC, with my good friend and colleague Chris Cannon for the 2007 Human Rights Campaign Carolinas Gala at the Charlotte Convention Center.

We’ll leave around 1:30pm and get to the hotel by 3pm (I certainly hope we’ll be settled no later than 4:00pm). I’ll have some time to take a shower and get dressed in my fancy, cool tuxedo and then head to a news interview outside the convention center at 5:30 (if it doesn’t get canceled). After all that, I’ll finally get to go inside the convention center, check in to the Gala’s registration desk and schmooze for an hour before dinner is served and the program begins.

I think Chris and I have plans to go out on the town after the Gala. Either that or will hit up one of the free after-parties either in the convention center or the hotel.

I’ll then be back to Winston on Sunday.


I’ll have my computer with me and I’ll surely be taking plenty of photos, but don’t expect me to be replying to any emails at least until Sunday evening or Monday.

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  1. Cid says:

    See you there. :o) We are from Winston Salem as well – we’ll be at the AT&T table.

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