Video: Equality Ride at Bob Jones University

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  1. Kel Henry says:


    By far the best video that’s been put out about that day. Once again, you have my undying support. I hope things are going well for you and that the trip has continued to be a sucess.

    You’re in my thoughts every day.


  2. Matt says:

    Thanks so much for being there with us Kel. It was so nice to see you once again after SO long.

    As for this video being the best about Bob Jones…. we do have a bit of a bias, right?

    I love you Kel… and we will def hang out this summer.


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  1. Video: Equality Ride at Bob Jones University

  2. […] Rev. Benham and his Operation Save America are no strangers to controversy and I’m certainly no stranger to their bigotry and hate. He and his group have shown up to numerous North Carolina LGBT events I’ve participated in, including the North Carolina Pride Festival in Durham, the Pride Charlotte Festival and the 2007 Human Rights Campaign Carolinas Gala in Charlotte. Rev. Benham and his group also managed to show up at a Soulforce Equality Ride event at Bob Jones University in Greenville, SC, back in April (video here). […]

  3. […] On April 4, 2008, in Greenville, S.C., Operation Save America and its leader, Flip Benham, approached the 2007 Equality Riders falsely telling them they’d been sent by members of the S.C. Equality Coalition and implying they were LGBT allies. Later, they argued with police when told they had to move away from the Riders (video here). […]

  4. […] America joined them, after first lying about who’d sent them and implying they were allies (video here). Photo Credit: Adam Bink/Soulforce Q Equality […]

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