Mistakes of the past: Board should apologize for anti-gay resolution

Time after time, apology after apology… governmental agencies and institutions – including many state legislatures – have officially apologized for many mistakes throughout history.

When a people or their governmental system has been guilty of human rights and civil rights abuses, it is incumbent upon that group to publicly state that their predecessors were wrong and apologize. They shouldn’t do this because they are the ones guilty, but rather because they are the ones who now have the powerto recognize that the past mistakes were, indeed, mistakes.

A school board in East Allen County, Indiana, is refusing to rescind and/or apologize for a resolution passed by the board in 1995.

According to the Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette, Superintendent Kay Novotny and school board members don’t think “the district should make amends for a resolution passed on Dec. 19, 1995, supporting family values and denouncing anything that undermines the family structure, including gay and lesbian behavior.”

Their reasoning lies in an argument laid out by Board President Stephen Terry: “It predates this board.”

BUT, as always… you know that isn’t the case. Dig a little deeper into people’s feelings and you’ll see why they won’t rescind it:

Novotny said the resolution doesn’t have anything to do with the current board and is not something on which she bases decisions or recommendations.

Board members Leland Etzler and Rick Allgeier said while it may not be a resolution that would be adopted by the board today, it does follow the beliefs of many people.

“The majority of our people are interested in Christian values and know Christ did not condone sin, but he loved the sinner. That would be the model by which we ought to live,” Etzler said. “Those activities do undermine the stability of the family, in my opinion. I certainly would not argue against most of the content of that resolution.”

But all people should be treated with respect and fairness, he said. Allgeier agreed.

“I am called as a Christian to love my neighbor as myself,” he said.

But as a Christian, he said, he also can’t deny that some actions are sinful, and sometimes it’s appropriate for a school board to comment on those issues.

“If there’s a lot of breakdown and problems in the schools, and much of those problems you could relate to the breakdown in the family, then anything that breaks the family structure down I think is not conducive to good learning,” Allgeier said.

While district officials and board members have said they believe in tolerance, they don’t think a statement or resolution from the board is necessary, although some students have asked board members to consider it.

Yeah… Hard to rescind something you still agree with or believe in, right?

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