Bearing false witness: Mormons not as holy as they seem

It is one of the Ten Commandments. You can’t miss it… after all, there’s only ten of them in the list: Thou shalt not bear false witness against they neighbor.

In an article from the Washington Blade, a Brigham Young University administrator tells the world that the school never received a request from the Soulforce Equality Ride for a meeting with them.

Of course, that is a lie. EVERY school the Equality Ride goes to receives numerous letters and phone calls attempting to contact them MONTHS before the scheduled visit… It’s just the Christian thing to do: We don’t show up unannounced… ever.

I was surprised throughout my entire trip with the Equality Ride just how un-Christ-like Christians could be. It isn’t just a Mormon thing. Administrators at every school that barred us from visiting lied on the most simplest of things.

Telling the truth. It is so simple. Just why can’t they do it?

Corrections: Thanks to my fellow Equality Rider, Brian Murphy, for correcting me on the spelling of “Morman” to “Mormon.”

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  1. Matt,
    I too am finding a similar parallel with some of the more prominent anti-gay groups. As you know, before Congress this week is federal hate crimes legislation. The House passed their version of the bill today, the decision now relies on our allies in the Senate to follow through with the same – sending the legislation to the President’s desk for a signature.

    Ironically, groups such as the American Family Association, the Family Research Council and Focus On The Family are now spreading nothing short of lies about the legislation and LGBT people. We, of course, know of Dr. Dobson’s gross neglegence for the truth – but I was sitting here today just thinking about the MILLIONS of people that hear the voice of one of those three organizations.

    Many people trust groups that embrace their ideals. I’m sure that many people in Christian-circles never “second guess” the message they get from these groups – they “trust” the message. How sad it is for these groups to be getting such invalid and false information – all in the name of Christ.

    Today, I found this article by Focus on the Family:

    Take a moment to read it for yourself, you’ll see in the article how they are using lies to spread fear about LGBT people. Example from the above: [[ Tony Perkins, president of the Family Research Council, said the bill “creates a caste system within American society.” “The bill is most notable for the millions of Americans it leaves out,” he said, “meaning if you or I are a victim of a violent crime – we matter less.” ]]

    In that statement, Tony Perkins – a self-acclaimed Christian & leader – is telling people that the bill leaves out Christians, yet protects gays & lesbians. The original hate crimes bill protected people on the basis of race, color, RELIGION and national origin. The current legislation adds sexual orientation, disability, gender, and gender expression to the existing law.

    How can you get here from there? How can a Christian leader say that Christian’s aren’t protected when the law has been “on the books” for decades? My heart hurts for Mr. Perkins – as it does for the folks at BYU.

    I can only pray that God will uncover the evil that exists in the hearts of modern day pharasees, uncover their lies and their hate and give them grace to reconcile with their brothers & sisters.

    Matt, again.. thanks for all your work. You guys (and gals) did an incredible job and it was a pleasure to be able to support you through our prayers & words…

    In Grace,


    P.S. I’ve blogged about AFA on my own blog –

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