WashBlade: Ride tallies fines & 90 arrests

A wrap-up article on the Equality Ride from the Washington Blade says:

The second Equality Ride, which kicked off with one bus traveling east and the other traveling west on March 8, came to an end April 26. During that time, riders racked up approximately 90 arrests and thousands of dollars in bail money and court fines, usually for little more than stepping onto the private property of the campuses they visited — though typically after being warned by college officials and local authorities.

The riders, most under age 25, volunteered their time and were not paid for the trip. Each rider was tasked with raising about $4,000 from donations for trip expenses, which included about $80,000 in hotel bills and $30,000 for food, according to West Bus co-director Haven Herrin.

So far, Herrin said the fundraising efforts of the riders and Soulforce had yielded about two-thirds of the $400,000 trip budget.

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