Anti-LGBT marriage amendment scheduled for hearing in NC House committee Tuesday

Tomorrow, Tuesday, May 22, 2007, at 12:30pm the North Carolina House of Representatives Rules Committee will hold a hearing on the anti-LGBT marriage amendment.

The hearing was prompted by NC Republicans threat to recall the bill to the House floor.

More from Ian Palmquist, Executive Director of EqualityNC:

Fellow Activists,

I need your help today to stop the anti-LGBT, anti-marriage constitutional amendment. We’ve just learned that the House Rules Committee has responded to Rep. Moore’s attempt to force this bill to the House floor for a vote by scheduling it for a hearing in the committee tomorrow (Tuesday) at 12:30.

The far right is generating hundreds of calls to key members of the committee, and we need to make sure our opposition is known as well! Fellow Activists, please, take a few minutes right now and call the representatives listed below. Simply ask them to oppose House Bill 493, the anti-gay constitutional amendment, in the Rules Committee on Tuesday.

* Chairman Bill Owens (Camden, Currituck, Pasquotank & Tyrrell) 919-733-0010
* Vice Chair Dewey Hill (Brunswick, Columbus) 919-733-5830
* Larry Bell (Sampson, Wayne) 919-733-5863
* Jim Crawford (Granville, Vance) 919-733-5824
* Jim Harrell (Allegheny, Surry) 919-715-1883
* Hugh Holliman (Davidson) 919-715-0873
* Jimmy Love (Harnett, Lee) 919-715-3026
* Marian McLawhorn (Pitt ) 919-733-5757
* Douglas Yongue (Hoke, Robeson, Scotland) 919-733-5821

Making these nine quick calls will only take a few minutes but will really make a difference!

If any of them indicate their position on the bill to you, please let me know by replying to this message.

Thanks so much,


Other members of the Rules Committee are listed here. You can view the text of the proposed marriage amendment here.

It is VERY IMPORTANT that you call the representatives listed by Ian and contact other members of the committee.

Over half of the Committee’s voting members, Sixteen of thirty, are sponsors of the amendment.

Sponsors of the so-called “Defense of Marriage” act:

Primary: Moore; Crawford; Hill; Johnson; Co: Allred; Almond; Avila; Barnhart; Bell; Blackwood; Blust; Boylan; Brisson; Brown; Brubaker; Church; Clary; Cleveland; Cole; Current; Daughtridge; Daughtry; Dockham; Dollar; England; Folwell; Frye; Gillespie; Grady; Gulley; Hilton; Holloway; Holmes; Howard; Hurley; Justice; Justus; Killian; Kiser; Langdon; Lewis; Love; McComas; McElraft; McGee; Neumann; Pate; Pierce; Ray; Samuelson; Setzer; Spear; Stam; Starnes; Steen; Stiller; Thomas; Tillis; Walend; Walker; R. Warren; West; Wiley; Yongue

Members of the NC House of Representatives Committee on Rules, Calendar and Operations of the House:

Chairman: Rep. Owens Vice Chairmen: Rep. Glazier; Rep. Hill; Rep. Luebke; Rep. Ross; Members: Rep. Barnhart, Rep. Bell, Rep. Blue, Rep. Brubaker, Rep. Clary, Rep. Cole, Rep. Crawford, Rep. Dockham, Rep. J. Harrell, Rep. Holliman, Rep. Howard, Rep. Insko, Rep. Jeffus, Rep. Justice, Rep. Justus, Rep. Love, Rep. McComas, Rep. McLawhorn, Rep. Michaux, Rep. Pate, Rep. Ray, Rep. Setzer, Rep. Steen, Rep. Weiss, Rep. Yongue

Please make sure you contact the folks listed by Ian and other committee members as you see fit. This is the first real threat our state has seen to marriage and the Constitutional rights of LGBT North Carolinians. Don’t let the Republicans use our Constitution as a political football. Do something today.

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