LGBT-inclusive anti-bullying bill passes North Carolina House

Partial Transcript of Debate on H 1366, the School Violence Prevention Act (text):

Debate started 3:45pm approx.

Rep. Glazier, Primary Sponsor: “It seems to me it is the quintessential job of a legislator to make gentler the flow of daily life for our most vulnerable children and protect them from violence and hatred and harassment. There is a saying: ‘If I am not for me, who will be, but if I am only for me who am I?’ and ‘If not now when?’ Today is the day when we speak as a voice and protect children.”

Representative Glazier immediately Called the Previous Question (ends debate).

Representative Stam offered a motion of higher precedence and moved to recess the House for 5 minutes.
51 voted in the Affirmative and 66 voted in the Negative. Recess motion failed.

Vote on Glazier’s call to the previous question:
66 voted in the Affirmative and 50 voted in the Negative.

Vote on H 1366 3rd Reading
72 voted in the Affirmative and 47 voted in the Negative.

H 1366, the School Violence Prevention Act passes its Third Reading and Sent to Senate.

Audio available here (MP3) (thanks to Brandon Greeson).

Click Here to see partial transcript and audio of the almost hour long debate on the bill from the evening of Wednesday, May 23, 2007.

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  1. […] This is the reason why those who voted against the North Carolina School Violence Prevention Act in the NC House really don’t care for our children. Who in their right mind can deny not only this one example of many gay teen suicides, but also the years and years and volumes and volumes of statistical research proving that LGBT teens are subject to higher rates of bullying and have a higher risk of attempting suicide? […]

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