A victory for our youth & their future health & well-being: Abstinence-only funds cut

According to 365gay.com News, Congress has cut an approximate $28 million from the usual $50 million spent on abstinence-only sex education.

According to the article:

A controversial federal program that stresses abstinence outside heterosexual marriage has been chopped by $28. million.

Previously, under the Republican Congress, the federal government spent about $50 million annually on abstinence-until-marriage education.

Participating states then provide $3 for every $4 they get from the federal government. Eight states decline to take part in the grant program.

Critics have repeatedly said they don’t believe the programs are working.

In April a Mathematica Policy Research study found that students who participated in sexual abstinence programs were just as likely to have teen sex as those who did not.

Critics also have said the programs isolate LGBT youth.

Ever since I was in high school I thought that sex ed, at least here in North Carolina, was in a horrible shape. My 13 year old brother just finished his 7th grade year and was going through some sort of limited, age-appropriate sex-ed program, but I doubt he is learning anything that he really needs to know.

Seeing as though more and more middle schoolers are having sex, it doesn’t seem that abstinence-only education is working too well. I worry for my little brother, who will be 14 in December, as he grows up and goes into 8th grade and later high school. Will he have the knowledge he needs to protect himself if he should make the (unwise) choice to have sex?

Our sex-ed needs a major over-haul. We should, of course, teach about abstinence, but that should not be the only thing taught. While students do, indeed, deserve to know that not having sex is the ONLY way to prevent pregnancy and STIs 100% of the time, students also deserve to know that if they are ever in a situation of making that choice (since we really can’t stop them) there are ways to protect themselves (i.e. condoms, birth-control pills, info on where to go to get STD/HIV testing, etc.)

I read somewhere (and, unfortunately I forget where) that by 2040 or so, somewhere around 40% of all humans will carry the herpes virus. We are entering into a scary, new world. Our teens deserve to know how to protect themselves and keep themselves alive and healthy.

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