It isn’t the church, silly – It is your bigotry

Caleb Price, gender issues analyst for Focus on the Family, is quoted as saying:

“Homosexual activists understand that the church is really the last bastion of disagreement over the issue over homosexuality,” he said. “They know that if they can somehow change the Church’s view of the issue and declare that it’s no longer sinful, that that will be the linchpin that will allow everything else in society to become pro-gay.”

Oh, Caleb… You’re ssstho sssthhily. It isn’t the church we’re in disagreement with… it is your bigotry-laden, hate-inspired, inaccurate version of Christ’s Gospel. You believe the Gospel should be used to make people different from you slaves of an ill-conceived, soul-destroying rhetoric… We believe Christ’s Gospel calls us to welcome the outsider and those cast to the sides of society, thereby restoring their soul to joy & peace.

And… by the way… Focus on the Family doesn’t have a monopoly on God. How can we disagree with “the church” when “the church” doesn’t even agree with itself?

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