HRC Presidential Forum – Cheated by Classism

The HRC/Logo Presidential Forum was a blast. Various candidates said a lot of important things for me and the rest of the LGBT community.

From what I hear and read, at least.

I was unable to watch the HRC/Logo Presidential Forum. Time Warner Cable doesn’t offer the Logo Channel in North Carolina. The live streaming edition of the forum on Logo’s website wasn’t really all that great. It kept having re-buffer every 5 seconds. And while that may have been due to my internet connection (which is actually pretty fast and reliable), I have to wonder about all those other poorer people who aren’t even lucky enough to have what I have.

Perhaps the Reverend Irene Monroe was right: The HRC/Logo Presidential Forum wasn’t for the entire LGBT community. The entire LGBT community didn’t even come close to having a chance to see the thing.

Whether because of geographics (Logo not being offered by the local cable company), economics (not being able to afford cable, fast enough internet, etc.) or not being able to have access to a computer, or even a television for that matter, this LGBT event wasn’t one for all of us.

This LGBT event was one for the wealthy and the well-off. This LGBT event was one for those of us lucky enough to live in areas where Logo is offered (and, therefore, the cable company doesn’t get a backlash from the powerful Religious Right).

And… What makes this worse is knowing that I, in all the white male privilege I have, am no where near the bottom of the totem pole (and this is true, I know it… I’m one who got invited to listen into Obama’s post-forum conference). If I couldn’t get access to see the forum, then I know, without a shadow of doubt in my mind, that there were many, many, many more people who never got to see it either.

Oh well. I guess the rich, white guys at HRC won another one.

UPDATE 1:37am, August 10, 2007: As I told Mark below, in the comment section, perhaps I was a bit disappointed/upset on not getting to see the debate live when I wrote this post. I just sat down and watched a movie and had some ice cream and soda. I’m feeling better. I’ll watch the debate from a friend, or catch little clips here and there. All is fine, although I still believe there are definitely people who missed out and who missed out through no fault of their own, except for the fact they were not born as privileged as others. But, alas, that is why we must continue fighting and making things right and a blog post won’t do it. So here’s to tomorrow… another day to keep up the good fight and to keep pushing forward.

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19 Responses to “HRC Presidential Forum – Cheated by Classism”
  1. chibear2006 says:

    Hi again Matt. Don’t be so hard on the people who got to see the debate (I didn’t get to btw) It’s not so much who got to see it, it’s about the fact that it happened at all. Who has taken such an interest in our issues prior to this event? I think it is amazing that the presidential candidates take an interest in us and want out vote specifically. Must finally be making an impact somewhere. It is certainly a very important beginning. Love ya kid, Mark from Sacramento

  2. Matt says:

    Thanks Mark. Perhaps I was a bit disappointed or upset when I wrote this post. Maybe next season we’ll get a better chance at getting more people to see it and participate in it.

  3. I wish we would get LOGO out here as well, I’m not as politically tuned in as you though… I just want to be able to watch Curl Girls.

  4. Bil Browning says:

    No, I agree with you on this one, Matt. I’d planned to work up something about this today too. No possibility of getting Logo here either – and who could watch a stream that jerked and stopped and started and restarted and restarted… It was annoying and I missed a lot of it. You’d think that MTV would know how to go buy some more bandwidth on the spot when the server started overloading.

  5. Matt says:

    Paula and Bil… I have cooled down, but I still feel that the very nature of the way in which the forum was presented to the public meant that from the outset, only those with money, or those lucky enough to live in areas liberal enough to offer Logo, would get to see the forum. It takes money to have a computer, have an internet connection (and one, at that, that was fast enough to adequately read the feed). Folks in more rural or more conservative areas, or folks without money, just don’t get to see it. Why didn’t Logo consider offering the Forum through PBS? Maybe a post-live broadcast like next week on PBS? Everybody gets PBS and most places, you can even get it if you don’t have cable.

  6. steve says:

    This was still a historical event. It might not be NBC or CBS carrying it but the fact that it happened is a great step forward.

  7. Matt says:

    Yes Steve… It was an historic event. I’m glad it happened. I’m glad HRC and Logo got to ask the candidates directly on the issues in front of a live audience… I think it could have been better and I think that HRC and Logo should have done more to ensure that more people could see it. “Watch Live” online? That was a joke. Either they don’t have a person who knows how to do internet related work at all or they need to fire the old one and hire a new one; one who can accurately see and predict that they definitely needed more resources to pull off the web-cast.

  8. steve says:

    I understand your frustration but I had no problem viewing it on line and the videos are available at

    To get an old persons perspective on last night check out my blog. Doing My Part For The Left

  9. Matt says:

    Ha… That is a joke. I’ve tried that. I’ve let the videos completely load before watching… I get half way through and the re-buffer (after already completely loading) and re-start having to re-load and re-buffer all over again.

    Technology must not be a priority at Logo.

  10. steve says:

    Maybe someone will take them and post them to you tube, I could post the sound to my podcast for each candidate as I did record it last night.

  11. Matt says:

    Thanks Steve… I’m not really attacking HRC or Logo for the Forum itself. I agree with you that it was historic. I’ve never argued that it wasn’t. I think some more prior planning was needed. Audio would be awesome, lol.

  12. Matt I understand where you were coming from here…seems the only gay television any of our cable companies want to present is reruns of Will and Grace. To see any serious gay issues being presented just is not going to happen here. Maybe we should start an E-mail campaign to Charter and Time Warner…

  13. steve says:

    I also wonder if part of the problem might be your isp provider. I watched on line and have been able to watch the videos with no problem.

  14. Matt says:

    The email campaign has been done before, is happening now and I’m sure, continue well in to the future. All I ever get back (from the numerous emails I’ve sent) is a short customers service, pre-written letter, saying my channel request has been sent to the proper department and will be considered.

  15. Matt says:

    Steve… I’m no where near the only one having these problems. My internet connection definitely hardly ever has problems with videos and is quite fast. Bil Browning of is also pretty upset over the online video and says he’s gotten nothing but complaints from his friends and associates.

  16. steve says:

    Matt, I am not trying to start a fight and I never said it was perfect. I was just trying to figure out what might be the problem. Sorry to have bothered.

  17. Matt says:

    I’m not trying to argue either. I’m sorry if I came off as confrontational. You have my sincerest apologies.

  18. Felix says:

    hi i enjoyed the read

  19. Matt says:

    Thanks Felix… Glad you enjoyed and I hope you’ll keep coming back.

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