Update: North Carolina Baptists

On Monday, I posted about the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina. Writing about an article in the Greensboro News & Record I said it seemed as though the convention was finally moving on to something else other than us ho-mo-sek-shuls.

I was wrong.

Reader Big Daddy Weave pointed out that, once again, the Convention will be going anti-gay.

According to the Biblical Recorder the church I am now attending in Charlotte, Myers Park Baptist Church, will challenge the removal of its “messenger” (voting) status:

The Executive Committee ruled Monday morning that Myers Park Baptist Church is not “in friendly cooperation with the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina.”

Myers Park will challenge that finding at the BSC annual meeting Tuesday morning in Greensboro.

Myers Park is affiliated with several groups that “welcome and affirm” homosexuals as members and in leadership.

They wrote a letter to the Baptist State Convention in January declaring both that fact and their intent to stay affiliated with the Baptist State Convention.

At issue is a membership requirement – passed in 2006 – that says churches which in any way affirm homosexual behavior will be considered to be “not in friendly cooperation” with the BSC.

It was in February that I found out about Myers Park’s letter to the Convention. Then, I said:

Yes, indeed, I commend Myers Park Baptist Church for seeking dialogue instead of division. How easy would it have been to simply remove themselves from the Convention and go an easier path?

Instead, the church is seeking to bring people together, in Christian brother and sisterhood, dialogue and discussion. Their decision was, no doubt, a difficult one. Their decision is one which shows truly the power of the Gospel, that which has the grace and mercy to extend open, wide arms and instigate discussion, conversation and the bringing together of people who may not always agree on the finer points but who all proclaim one simple truth.


The people of Myers Park Baptist Church are great and compassionate and loving people. I had the pleasure of knowing many of the youth when I was in high school and attended an Alliance of Baptists summer youth camp program for a couple of years. The youth from my church, Wake Forest Baptist in Winston-Salem, NC, as well as others across the South, gathered in the mountains of North Carolina for a week of awesome spiritual community and life. I wish the people of Myers Park the best and I pray that they may find the discussion and dialogue they seek.

When people come together in true human brother and sisterhood seeking nothing more than understanding, compassion and reconciliation, great things can happen.

Oh well. Just another day living as a Baptist in North Carolina, I guess.

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  1. Jarred says:

    I don’t think it’s just the Baptists in North Carolina. But I hear you.

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