The blogosphere responds: Q-Notes’ Edwards endorsement

The blogosphere has responded to the full publication of the Q-Notes’ endorsement of Sen. John Edwards (see Q-Notes site).

A lot of what I’ve seen so far are only simple repostings of the endorsement, but The Left Coaster had some really great thoughts:

Some Obama supporters insist that McClurkin is old news, but just because they want to move on doesn’t mean the story has. It festers.

Hillary Clinton was also ruled out for obvious reasons: Kyl-Lieberman, her fundraising from traditionally Republican big business sources, and her high negative poll ratings. Q-Notes is worried about her viability. I don’t think that will actually be a problem, but many do. The polls I’ve seen indicate that all three of the leading Democratic contenders can defeat any of the leading Republicans. Still, she is seen as a polarizing figure, and as with their ruling out Kucinich, Q-Notes is putting a high value on electability.


Populist themes resonate with Q-Notes, and they see those themes resonating with working-class Americans. They also see Edwards running strongest in polling match-ups against the different Republicans, putting more red states into play, nationwide, and helping more down-ballot Democrats. On the latter, I think Obama would also be a particular help, as he is likely to bring so many new people to the polls, which would help everyone.

Overall, it’s a very reasonable editorial, and it emphasizes the overall strength of the Democratic field, and the necessity of ensuring that our next president is a Democrat.

One of their readers isn’t so kind (comments available here):

It’s sad to see that the rampant sexism in the LGBT movement continues. But, as a gay person, I can tell you that this endorsement is meaningless.

If the folks at Q-Notes thinks that gay women are not going to vote for Hillary Clinton, then they’re out of their little lavender minds. I mean, Hill’s been (mis)labeled a dyke so many times by right-wing whackos that she has honorary status among us. In fact, in honor of Q-Notes endorsement, I’m sending another $100 dollar donation to Senator Clinton.

Q-Notes. Give me a break.

And another reader gives that reader a dose of reality:

i didn’t see them say hillary won’t win gay women.

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2 Responses to “The blogosphere responds: Q-Notes’ Edwards endorsement”
  1. Patrick ONeill says:

    I personally think that anyone interested in gay rights would refuse to endorse aby candidate who opposes out equal rights – which includes Hillary, Obama and Edwards.

    I agree, though, that if one goes with the “least evil” approach then Edwards is the best of the three.

  2. Matt Comer says:

    “I agree, though, that if one goes with the “least evil” approach then Edwards is the best of the three.”

    The “approach” would be more accurately described as, “Choose the one who is most best on our rights and who actually has a chance at winning (if only the media would quit ignoring him).”

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