A call from Obama

A self-described queer news junkie gets a call from the Obama campaign:

Caller: “Oh, good. ___, this is ___, calling for the Barack Obama campaign—”

Me: “Oh, no way…”

Caller: [laughs nervously]

Me: “Barack lost my vote a long time ago. After the Donnie McClurkin flap, and now Kirbyjon Caldwell… No way. Besides, we already voted.”

Caller: “OK… Uh, may I ask who you voted for?”

Me: “Since Kucinich is out, we voted for Hillary.”

Caller: “OK, well… Have a great day!”

McClurkin… one of the reasons why I’m still not sure who to go with after Edwards’ departure.

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One Response to “A call from Obama”
  1. Adam Kautz says:

    I’m kind of leaning towards Hillary, because even though their maybe some problems with her, like UAFA and such, at least she didn’t stab us in the back like Obama did by inviting McClurkin.

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