NC State LGBT center opens, campus bigotry continues

In the fall of 2006, I followed closely the debate over a proposed LGBT student center at N.C. State University in Raleigh. The sheer amount of bigotry, prejudice and ignorance exposed during that time was astonishing.

The university’s campus paper, The Technician, reports that the LGBT center has now had its official opening. Now, almost a year and a half after the proposal for the center first surfaced, the rabid-like nature of anti-gay and prejudiced students hasn’t toned down a bit.

A comment at The Technician story (emphasis added):

I may be “tolerant” of gay and lesbian lifestyles. If nothing else behavior between consenting adults is one’s own business and supposedly there is some biological explanation to homosexuality. However, i have a major problem with transgender people. I found out a guy i went to high school with changed himself into a girl and I nearly puked. Perhaps there is some gay gene in a dude that makes him like other dudes. There is nothing natural, however, into installing female sexual organs and undergoing hormone therapy. My worst nightmare is going to the bar and meeting someone that looks like any other chick. Seems cool then while hooking up or later on I find out this person used to be a dude. I would seriously beat the shit out of that she-dude.

If some gay dude hits on me i can tell him to go away. Situation is different if they are sneaking under the radar as a chick that used to be a dude. NOT COOL

And another, although not as violent:

If you want to be gay take it in the poop chute all you like I do not care. Or if you are a chick that wants to make your girlfriend your life partner go right ahead. What is the rationale, however, for wasting student fees $$$ on a LBGT center for a place for a small minority of students to hang out and to spread pro-LBGT education.

If you want somewhere to hang out go to legends please don’t waste my fees on this, unless i can start a heterosexual center at NCSU.

And, some sanity:

That’s where you’ve got it all wrong “bro” its not about affirmative action or feeling like I or any of us deserve special treatment. It’s about getting the same treatment everyone else gets, just somewhere that can give it that understands, and about trying to teach asshats like you to understand so we don’t have to put up with the kind of childish crap you are spewing here day after day and live our lives as something other than second class citizens. Get a clue and think about someone other than yourself for once.

I guess the only good news is that the LGBT center is open. It’ll face some difficulties, I’m sure, in its first few months of operation. With N.C. State’s history of bigotry (an effigy of a gay student was hanged on campus once), I wouldn’t be surprised if the center if vandalized or patrons are harassed going in or out.

Also, a new comment was made on one of those old “N.C. State rears its ugly anti-gay face” posts:

I am against the LGBT center, I am an ncsu student. Do I hate gay people? No.

I am against the center because my money goes to pay for part of it, and I am heterosexual. I read in the Technician (ncsu student newspaper) that the center has barely gotten any use. And really, what do gay people need a center for? There is no heterosexual center.

Again, don’t label me as a hater of gay people, but we are all supposed to be EQUALS, and by creating this center that puts and end to that. I wouldn’t mind if a gay person built and financially supported the center by themself, I could care less, but for me to have to pay for part of it?

Since I have written a lot I will summarize my points, showing why I am against the LGBT center.

-The center is FOR homos, and I am straight. Why do I need to pay for it?

-What is the point of a “center”?

-The center isnt being used according to Technician

-Having a homo-center kinda takes away from the equal treatment…

-Also, ofcourse, I do not understand why people are gay, it is disgusting and unnatural, that being said gay people can do whatever they want and I dont hate them, I just dont want to have to pay for their center, they can make their own out of their money.

I wrote this post because I felt like venting, I didnt join the facebook group because I felt if people saw I joined that they would think I hate homo people, which is not the case.

My response:

Cameron, you don’t hate gay people? I guess that’s why you use pejorative terms like “homo” and “homo-center” and say, “it is disgusting and unnatural.”

Okay, so maybe you don’t really hate us, but you certainly don’t think we’re equal to you and you certainly aren’t giving us our full dignity and human worth.

It boggles my mind that straight people say they are the ones being discriminated against when services are created to help minorities who continued to be discriminated against in almost every area of their life.

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  1. Sarah says:

    To be fair, the guy never said that the straight people were being discriminated against. He just said the two sides weren’t equal. I know it sounds like the same thing, but I really don’t think it is.

    I look at this whole thing like I do a lot of racial issues. If State were to build an African-American Center, people would be all for it, but if someone were to build a Caucasian center, they’re being racist. Just because a straight guy doesn’t want his student fees going towards something that he can’t really benefit from (I can understand where he’s coming from. All the BS “student fees” at UNCG used to piss me off, too.) doesn’t mean he doesn’t he’s homophobic or whatever.

    And as far as his choice of terminology? As soon as gay people decide to stop using terms like “breeder” and acting like straight people are doing something wrong (and I’ve seen that happen on more than one occasion) then they can feel free to object to names such as the one the guy used. (And, this might make me ignorant, but I don’t actually see why “homo” would be completely inappropriate. . .it’s a shortening of “homosexual” which is. . .what gay people are. Plus, anyone who watches shows like Will & Grace would think that that was a perfectly appropriate word to use.)

    Finally, (also, sorry this is so long), I’m going to guess that it’s the guy’s upbringing that made him believe that it is “disgusting and unnatural.” You can’t fault him for that. There are plenty of subcultures of people that do things that I personally feel are disgusting and unnatural, but I can’t really be the judge, because I don’t live in their world, so I don’t really know.

  2. BAM says:

    A clue as to some resentment of said center…

    Dr. Deb Luckadoo and Justine Hollingshead, director of the GLBT Center, will be in charge of scheduling activities for the new center.

    Last semester, Dr. Luckadoo approached two pastors who were handing out Biblical literature on campus and asked them to stop. She said they needed a permit in order to engage in solicitation. One of the pastors pointed out that they were not “soliciting” anything. They were simply handing out something free of charge.

    Luckadoo responded to the common-sense retort by saying that the pastors were “soliciting thoughts” and, therefore, would need to confine their activities to certain areas and to obtain a proper permit in advance. I would argue that the pastors were engaging in protected First Amendment religious expression which, when not otherwise disruptive, should be free from government intrusion, especially on a public university campus.

    Dr. Luckadoo recently referred to GLBT Center programs as a “support system” that “benefits everybody” at NC State. But certainly she must be aware that many in the NC State community disapprove of the new GLBT Center. Indeed, numerous Wolfpack alums sent me information from the NC State website when the Center’s opening was announced. To my knowledge, all who did so were Christians who were understandably upset about the use of tax dollars to teach people to be “allies” who are more than just “tolerant” of GLBTs.

    There isn’t any evidence that GLBTs are being harassed in any significant way. But the same cannot be said about Christians wanting to share the Gospel at NC State. They are running into troubles that should be addressed if Justine Hollingshead was at all serious when she said “Creating a place that is a safe, non-judgmental environment for all people – including members of the GLBT community – is one of the university’s priorities.” I read that quote from the university website so I guess she must have been serious.

    If the GLBT community has its own resource center, in exchange, we should demand that the administration rescind speech zone and permit policies that have been used disproportionately against Christians sharing the Gospel.

  3. Matt says:

    BAM, thanks for copying and pasting Mike Adams’ column.

    By the way, what you did is called plagiarism and if you did it in a school paper, you’d be expelled.

    Also… the LGBT center and the situation with the preachers are two separate issues. Don’t confuse them. The free speech policies (which I agree are definitely unconstitutional and need to go) are not related to the existence of the LGBT center. Using the argument Mike Adams uses is like using the distracting arguments of polygamy and bestiality against marriage equality for LGBT people. One issue has nothing to do with the other.

  4. Jarred says:

    Personally, I think the whole argument about one’s money going to support something one cannot use is fairly nonsensical anyway. My money goes to support a lot of programs I will not and cannot benefit from. That doesn’t give me the right to have the plug pulled on those programs.

  5. daniel says:

    I agree 100% with Jarred. i don’t know why so many people refer to that argument to argue against the GLBT center when it’s so contradictory and naive. in paying tuition we all pay for certain programs and facilities we won’t use. i am also frustrated by the remark about there not being “any evidence that GLBTs are being harassed in any significant way”. Just because there aren’t any headline-grabbing, controversial incidents of hate crimes against gays at NC State doesn’t mean that we aren’t being harassed. It’s a much subtler harassment involving common (at least at NCSU), everyday derogatory insults that we’re forced to endure on a daily basis that has some of us shrinking back into the closet rather than embracing who we are.

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