Change I Can Believe In

You know that I support Ron Paul. His vision of a small federal government, of a return to Constitutional principles, and of the inherent worth and dignity of all individuals is something that resonates with me. I believe he would run the country in a way that creates space for Americans to step up to the promise and calling of this country. He’s also not going to win the Republican nomination.

When I look at Barack Obama, I see many of the same ideals that Ron Paul holds: a belief in this country, a belief in We The People and the unshaking conviction that our political system is not as it should be.

The words of my friend Evan Shulman resonate with me:

Does “Yes, We Can” extend beyond today? Can We beyond November? Can We beyond 2013?

Are you truly committed to and awakened by the change Obama speaks of? Are you ready to finish waking up, take action, and truly sustain your desires?

If not, then all you are left with are his policies. No mass “movement”, no real change.

If you really, truly are, however (and I hope that you are), then come Tuesday night, I will willingly join you.

So if you truly are fired up, if you truly are ready to go, no matter who wins the nomination, then I will stand with you. I will plan with you. I will speak out with you. I will organize with you. I will rally with you. I will build with you the future that we all know we want, and we all know we can have.

True inspiration carries you on through any obstacles. That’s what Dennis [Kucinich] taught me and he’s getting my Primary vote. If that’s what Obama has taught you, then he should get yours.

See you on the other side. Be the Change I can believe in.

Senator Obama clearly and consistently calls us to be our best selves. That is a change I can believe in and that is why I support Senator Barack Obama in his bid to become the Democratic nominee for President of the United States.

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