First college-based hate group gets new leadership

The chair of the Michigan State University Young Americans for Freedom chapter, the first student group nationwide to receive status as a hate group from the Southern Poverty Law Center, has new leadership this today.

Kyle Bristow, who has proven to be quite controversial in local and state politics there, has resigned as chair of the group after a year and a half at the helm, according to Todd Heywood at YAFWatch. Replacing Bristow will be Matt Ogonowski and Eric Thieleman.

Many readers may remember Bristow’s name from the 2007 dust up over Tyler Whitney, the young conservative (also involved in the college hate group) blasted after his coming out. In June 2007, I posted about Bristow and his comments on LGBT people.

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Back then, I wrote that Bristow had to have known his good friend Tyler Whitney was gay when he wrote the following:

At MSU, the homosexual agenda is readily evident. Posters advocating for sexual deviancy are strewn about MSU, deviants hold meetings at nearly every (if not all) residence halls on campus, and the deviants even get their own room to advocate their “cause” at the Student Services Building. Moral people view the homosexual activist as a poor creature that has crawled out of the pit of hell to do Satan’s work, but at MSU, these deviants are welcome — if not encouraged — to promote their sick beliefs. They claim that their lifestyle is “natural”, but they fail to explain why their fathers, their grandfathers, their great-grandfathers, and generations upon generations of their ancestors were heterosexual. Instead of believing the truth about homosexuality — that it is brought about by conditioning rather than nature — they believe that they are born with homosexual genes. Their lies are propagated along with their diseases. Being a sexual deviant is an abomination, an abnormality, and an oddity, and the truth of the matter is reticent at MSU.

In time, our society will once again appreciate morals and truth, or it will fall like Sodom and Gomorrah.

Back then, I also wrote of Whitney and his evolving political views after his coming out:

On a related note, I spoke to a person close to both Tyler and Kyle and he explains that Tyler’s political views aren’t necessarily “Republican,” but rather Libertarian. After long conversation the person admitted that, perhaps, Tyler’s extreme anti-gay behavior was nothing but a cover-up, or “over-compensation” due to what Tyler already knew himself to be. By demeaning other gay people, Tyler was able to somehow make himself feel better. Tyler may still be conservative, but I think his ways of treating other LGBT people will be changing. Even in his email to a Michigan reporter Tyler states, “As a conservative, I still believe in equality and I think its important for all wings of the political spectrum to be accepting of the gay community.”

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