Gay man seeks S.C. county seat

From the March 22 issue of Q-Notes, the leading LGBT news source of the Carolinas:

Gay man seeks Greenville Council seat
James Akers’ first test will be June primary

by Matt Comer . Q-Notes staff

GREENVILLE, S.C. — When James Akers moved into town three years ago, he never imagined that he’d embark on a journey that could lead to him being the first openly gay person ever elected to office in South Carolina. But, that’s we’re he finds himself now. If he wins, he will claim a seat on the Greenville County Council and be the default leader and voice of the county’s LGBT community.

Akers’ decision to throw his hat into the ring wasn’t an easy one. It took some time to commit to the idea, he told Q-Notes. “I had been thinking about it for a year, maybe a year and a half. I finally made my decision around Valentine’s Day.”

Akers said his initial interest was sparked by what he thought was a “lack of response” from current council members and a keen interest in zoning laws. He made his bid official on Feb. 13.

“The reason it took me so long to decide to run, was that I knew my sexual orientation might be an issue and I needed to talk to the people in my county,” he said.

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