Eureka Springs, here I come!

This is Lainey Millen, special features writer for Q-Notes. I am hitting the dusty trail on Thursday to cover Diversity Weekend in Eureka Springs, AR. I’ll be there until Sunday. I’ll be speaking to the mayor and other dignitaries, as well as getting a good look at a town that has a domestic partnership registry. I’ll update you on my adventures while I am away. Upon returning, I’ll be compiling a travelogue/feature on someplace over the rainbow, west of the Mississippi, for Q-Notes. Keep checking back for my blogs while I am way and the full story in print and online at

Ed. Note: Everyone give a big welcome to Lainey! I’m looking forward to her reports from Eureka Springs. In case you’ve never heard of the town, go to google and simply search for Eureka Springs and gay. I think you’ll be surprised at how much you find. The town, believe it or not, is the focus of the radical right’s anger right now. They think the gays have “taken over.” In fact, the American Family Association released a movie about Eureka Springs: “They’re coming to your town.” I’m happy to have Lainey on board.

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